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For buyers- Developing country sourcing

The Export Assistance Program helps buyers find suppliers, hundreds of the latest products and fresh market intelligence from six emerging markets, namely Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Developing Country Sourcing

Hinrich Foundation’s Developing Country Sourcing site offers importers:

Verified export manufacturerslists of reliable suppliers with verified contact details
Product features & pricinginformation on the latest trends in product features and pricing
Market intelligencecoverage of current industry developments with insights into R&D and production hubs
Top-selling productspopular export models with sample images
Export Assistance Program Myanmar Garment
Export Assistance Program Myanmar Home
Sourcing from Indonesia Home products

Sourcing From Guides

For buyers new to the process of buying and exporting products from developing Asian countries, Developing Country Sourcing’s guides walk buyers through every step in the export process. They provide buyers information on industries, products, manufacturing centers, finding the right supplier, paying for your purchase, export documentation and settling trade disputes.

Developing country sourcing Cambodia
Developing country sourcing India
Developing country sourcing Indonesia
Developing country sourcing Nepal
Developing country sourcing Philippines
Developing country sourcing Vietnam

New Markets Pavilion

Every April and October, the Hinrich Foundation participates in the Global Sources Gifts & Home and Fashion shows in Hong Kong through the New Markets Pavilion – an exhibition of unique export products from Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Laos.

Buyers looking to expand sourcing options beyond Greater China can find environment-friendly home decorations, handcrafted bags, unique fashion jewelry, handwoven silk shawls and more at the New Markets Pavilion. All products are Analyst’s Choice – a selection of the hottest and most innovative products on GlobalSources.com.

New Markets Pavilion
New Markets Pavilion
New Markets Pavilion

In-country Supplier Visits

We also assist buyers who wish to make in-country visits to program suppliers’ operations. Contact us with your sourcing inquires using the form here.

Export Assistance Program Indonesia Bags
Export Assistance Program Myanmar Furniture