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Developing Country Sourcing

For buyers- Developing country sourcing

Developing Country Sourcing publishes reports that provide buyers the latest market intelligence and assist them in finding suppliers in these emerging markets: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Each sourcing report contains images of popular export products, a list of suppliers and their Global Sources websites, information on the latest trends in product features and pricing, as well as market intelligence on current industry developments.

Developing country sourcing Cambodia
Developing country sourcing India
Developing country sourcing Indonesia
Developing country sourcing Nepal
Developing country sourcing Philippines
Developing country sourcing Vietnam

Developing Country Sourcing covers four main areas:

Home productsFurniture, home décor, lacquerware, baskets, ceramics, kitchenware, table & dinnerware, as well as lawn & garden items.
Fashion & footwearBags, jewelry, footwear, headwear, neckwear and other items.
Garments & textilesCasual wear, formal wear, baby & children’s wear, swimwear, textiles and other items.
Other itemsGifts & premiums, promotional gifts, holiday décor and gifts, toys and other items.

Find a listing of suppliers with links to their Global Sources websites, plus images of the latest models available from companies under the Export Trade Assistance program.

Supplier listing

Supplier profiles

Product images

Developing country sourcing - Product images

Gain unique market insight into each industry and country. Each sourcing report includes information on industry, labor and material resource developments, export data and trends, as well manufacturing hubs.

Developing country sourcing - Supplier survey exports
Developing country sourcing - Supplier survey india fashion

For the data and research offered on the Developing Country Sourcing site, 15 to 20 manufacturers with export experience were surveyed. The selection of suppliers is designed to reflect the composition of the industry in the country of coverage in terms of geographic location, materials used and range of products offered.

To obtain supplier information, Hinrich Foundation’s export consultants visited the facilities of each company and interviewed senior executives, who discussed their recent performance and provided forecasts for the next six to 12 months.

In each case, companies were required to answer specific questions designed to verify their manufacturing and export credentials, including a breakdown of exports by product type and market. Suppliers also participated in a survey aimed at providing insight into product and price trends, sales outlook, target markets and challenges.