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New Markets Pavilion – April show review, October show preview

New Markets Pavilion

Growing buyer interest for handcrafted products made of indigenous and eco-friendly materials from emerging Asia

Visitors from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand looking to source garments and fashion accessories outside Greater China discovered new products and suppliers at the New Markets Pavilion in Hong Kong this April.

Among the products that attracted buyers were the following:

Wallets and purses made of recycled cement sacks – Cambodia
Handcrafted rattan bags – Indonesia
Organic shirts and shorts – India
Casual shoes made of handspun cotton – Laos
Bags and hats made of indigenous materials – Philippines
Jewelry made of cow horn – Vietnam

Buyers that came to visit the pavilion included Natasha, Amberlene Accessories, Fossil (East) Ltd and Inti Crafts.

Global Sources, the organizer of the show, featured the New Markets Pavilion as one of the highlights of the show.

“The New Markets Pavilion is a showcase of unique fashion products from emerging sourcing markets including Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. On display are handmade bags, footwear, jewelry and apparel that feature eco-friendly and indigenous materials such as organic cotton and dyes, rattan and natural fiber.”

Of the products displayed at the New Markets Pavilion, the organic shirts from India supplier Global Silkroute was featured as an Analyst’s Choice product – a distinction for unique and innovative products – at the show.

We look forward to bringing a wider collection of stunning products from emerging Asia in the next Global Sources Gifts & Home and Fashion trade shows in Hong Kong this October 2017!

For buyers looking for more unique and innovative products from emerging Asia, click here.

For suppliers interested in participating in the next New Markets Pavilion on October 2017, send us an email.



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