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Supplier testimonials

The companies that we support through the Export Assistance Program offer unique and innovative designs, many of which are made from domestically sourced, indigenous and eco-friendly materials. Their livelihoods and that of their workers depend on offering the right product at the right price to the right buyer. It is our honor to assist small and medium-sized exporters across the region in finding new overseas buyers and to help them bring new products to consumers worldwide – and create jobs in the process.

Here is what they have say about our support:

Cambodia suppliers demonstrate fine craftsmanship and creates a range of fashion accessories and home decor from eco-friendly and recycled materials while offering buyers low MOQ. Suppliers in these industries – often NGOs – tend to employ disadvantaged workers to support their production processes while providing a much needed civic benefit. The Hinrich Foundation offers Cambodia suppliers FREE export marketing to help them expand their export reach.
  • Cambodia Sourcing Report
    Fashion Bags 2011

    “We are very thankful for your project to give us innovative and free advertisement of our products. We hope our products will reach new and potential buyers.”
    Chea Sinat
    Mekong Quilts
  • Cambodia Sourcing Report
    Silk Fashion Accessories 2010

    “Through the program, my products are directly exposed to potential buyers. I got a lot of inquiries from them. Also, the support from the Hinrich Foundation staff is helpful who provides both technical assistance and consultancy.”
    Heng Haklim, Secretary
    Sobbhana Women’s Foundation
  • Cambodia Sourcing Report
    Silk Fashion Accessories 2010

    “In this competitive market, it is very important to stand out from others. It is great that DCEAP is assisting Cambodian producers on marketing and sales development all for free.”
    Ho Chamnab, Marketing Manager
    Khmer Silk Village
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India is known for its skillful artisans and elaborately crafted products made of leather, fabrics and other natural materials. Labor-intensive export sectors such as garments, footwear, bags and handicrafts are the backbone industries of this country. The Hinrich Foundation offers India suppliers FREE export marketing to help them expand their export reach.
  • New Markets Pavilion
    April 2017

    “Hinrich Foundation's support helped us reach the global market. We are able to create awareness and demand for our handloom & handicraft products. We see a steady increase the sales through them and their support staff is really professional!”
    Sonal Gupta & Rajarshi Guha, Co-owners
    Navrang Creations
  • India Sourcing Report
    Craft Gifts 2017

    “Hinrich Foundation's work on letting us showcase our work globally has made a significant difference to our business. We’ve seen a gradual increase in requests from different countries, which has been pretty remarkable!”
    Nikhil Verma, Head of Business Development & Marketing
    Love Leather
  • India Sourcing Report
    Promotional Gifts 2015

    “We have got an order worth $30,000 from a company in Middle East. Thanks to Hinrich Foundation, small companies like us can certainly uplift our quality by working with international clients!”
    Anil Batra, CEO
    Dolphin Print Arts
  • India Sourcing Report
    Glass & Metal Tableware 2009

    “We have received many RFIs – at least 4-5 every week. Export Assistance Program is a very good platform for getting business done.”
    Rajan Agarwal, Director
    Rajan Overseas
  • India Sourcing Report
    Glass & Metal Tableware 2009

    “One buyer came to visit us and we are hopeful that we will convert him into a customer!”
    Aamir Wali
    Jandaood & Co.
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Indonesia is one of the region’s prominent supplier bases for furniture, footwear and rattan products. The country’s competitive advantages as an alternative sourcing hub lie in the its wealth of indigenous materials, thousands of craft villages and unique supplier craftsmanship. The Hinrich Foundation offers Indonesia suppliers FREE export marketing to help them expand their export reach.
  • Indonesia Sourcing Report
    Crafts 2017

    “Hinrich Foundation provides a well-designed platform for exporters to expand their products worldwide. In today's marketing world, an online marketplace does matter. I thank Hinrich Foundation's consultant based in Jakarta, Mr. Rico Dwi Nugrahatama and his team, for approaching me.”
    Rustam Nahwari, Owner
    Celadona Keramik
  • Indonesia Sourcing Report
    Leather Products 2016

    “Jabruzz participated in the Fashion Accessories exhibition, April 2016 in Hong Kong. Thanks to the Export Assistance Program, we have received inquiries from foreign buyers, and got orders for stingray skin bracelets. We are motivated to improve our sales globally.”
    Ahmad Najmul Maarij, Owner
    Jabruzz Fashion
  • Indonesia Sourcing Report
    Fashion Accessories 2015

    “Hinrich Foundation has a very good platform and effective program for us to enhance our promotion and leverage our sales. We are thankful for the technical assistance and consultancy. We hope our ethnic products will take the lead in the handicraft and fashion industry.”
    Yudha Pratomo, CEO
    Warnatasku Indonesia
  • Indonesia Sourcing Report
    Fashion Accessories 2015

    “We are so thankful to Hinrich Foundation. Through this organization, our products get free advertisement to all over the world. We had the great opportunity to join an international expo in Hong Kong last October 2016, and we hope for more success in future.”
    Cindy Destaprina, Manager
    Swanny Ware
  • Indonesia Sourcing Report
    Furniture 2014

    “Puri has gone globally to NZ and EU thanks to support from the Export Assistance Program. We are enthusiastic and determined to expand to other continents!”
    Reza Dharmawan, Director
  • Indonesia Sourcing Report
    Garments 2012

    “We are delighted to get real orders worth $20,000 through the program. With their valuable marketing tool and training support in place, all we need is to commit to taking our effort and patience to make buyer inquiries to orders. We expect these buyers to be repeat customers.”
    Eka Yuniarti, Sales Manager
    CV. Creative Bali Trading
  • Indonesia Sourcing Report
    Garments 2012

    “Thanks to DCEAP linkage to buyers, we got $10,000 trial orders. We did not highly expect to get real orders from the beginning but the results were just stunning. Order is just a start, but the precious long-life knowledge we gained is skillset and the education that keep us more sustainable to ensure jobs for our workers. Many thanks.”
    Christopher Umbudeta, Owner
    Riswan Leather Accessories
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Products from Laos are mostly handcrafted by village artisans using natural raw materials. Wood furniture, home décor, silk scarves and handicrafts featuring traditional patterns and styles are gaining popularity among domestic and international buyers. The Hinrich Foundation offers Laos suppliers FREE export marketing to help them expand their export reach.
  • New Markets Pavilion
    April 2017

    “It is remarkable that we can promote our bags through many channels such as online and in Hong Kong trade shows especially that we're targeting the international market. We are happy that your export consultant Phonevilay Keopaseuth offered the program through Hinrich Foundation.”
    Nong Vipharkone, Assistant Director
    Naree Handbag Co.
  • Laos Sourcing Report
    Wooden Furniture 2016

    “Thank you Hinrich Foundation for letting us to be a part of your team and offering free online marketing services. We managed to have a good understanding about online marketing because of invaluable opportunity and learned how to use online platform efficiently.”
    Umesh Bhakta Pradhan, Proprietor
    Gajur Private Limited
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Known for their design capability and English proficiency, Philippine manufacturers offer a wide selection of finely crafted home decor, Christmas ornaments, tableware and fashion accessories. Products are made using natural and recycled materials such as capiz, rattan, wood and handwoven fabrics. The Hinrich Foundation offers Philippine suppliers FREE export marketing to help them expand their export reach.
  • Philippines Sourcing Report
    Gifts & Premiums 2017
    New Markets Pavilion 2017

    “Through our exposure in Global Sources online, we have received inquiries from which we have learned -- which product categories are in very high demand, and which ones are sleepers.”
    Yoling Sevilla, CEO
    The Leather Collection, Inc.
  • Philippines Sourcing Report
    Gifts & Premiums 2017
    New Markets Pavilion 2017

    “Our market base just expanded spontaneously by accessing the vibrant world market for free through he Global Sources platform, what a valuable service provided by Hinrich Foundation to a company like us!”
    Neil Rafisura, EVP & GM
    Salay Handmade Paper Industries
  • Philippines Sourcing Report
    Gifts & Premiums 2017
    New Markets Pavilion 2017

    “The Export Trade Assistance program and the Global Sources website have introduced our company to many buyers. We’re receiving quotation requests and serious inquiries.”
    Lolita Cabanlet, CEO
    Cagayan de Oro Handmade Paper Crafts
  • Philippines Sourcing Report
    Wicker Basket 2014

    “We are very satisfied with the results from the Export Assistance Program. It offers a great help in our marketing!”
    Gloria Escaro, General Manager
    Globeasia Nature Industries Inc.
  • Philippines Sourcing Report
    Holiday Decor & Craft Gifts 2012

    “Through the RFIs that we received from the Hinrich Foundation’s EAP program, we are able to discover the desired products that buyers want.”
    Eretz Quiambao
    Rolren’s Lantern & Gen. Merchandise
  • Philippines Sourcing Report
    Christmas Décor 2011

    “When we first started with the service, we received 12 calls from interested buyers and have been able to develop new contacts in a very short time. The informative material supplied to us has helped improve our efforts to market to a larger client base. Thanks!”
    Maita Gonzales, President
    Margton International
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Vietnam exporters benefit from significant competitive advantages, notably the abundant supply of indigenous materials, excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs. The country is steadily emerging as a leading supply hub for many labor-intensive exports ranging from basketware and furniture to footwear and garments. The Hinrich Foundation offers Vietnam suppliers FREE export marketing to help them expand their export reach.
  • Export Manager Advanced Training short course
    May – July 2017

    “Thank you, Hinrich Foundation, for your great support, valuable international sales leads and buyer referrals, and for inviting me to participate in the Export Manager Advanced Training short course."
    Them Le, Managing Director
    Modern Sourcing
  • Vietnam Sourcing Report
    Home Decor 2017

    “Through your program, we were able to connect to a US buyer who is highly interested in our wooden vases. We've already sent them samples and we're closing to signing the order contract worth approximately $60,000."
    Thong Nguyen, Sales Manager
    Ngoc Dong Ha Nam Co.
  • New Markets Pavilion
    April 2017

    “The Hinrich Foundation has helped showcase our products at the Global Sources Exhibition in Hong Kong. We are very happy and thankful for this. Hope you will always support many keen small companies like us."
    Luong Thanh Phuong, Managing Director
    Viet Thinh Packaging Co. Ltd
  • Vietnam Sourcing Report
    Footwear 2016
    New Markets Pavilion 2017

    “Thank you to Hinrich Foundation for your support. You helped us promote our shoes to overseas clients. It has opened greater opportunities for us in the future. We are really happy and satisfied with your service."
    Annie Linh
    Dong Hung Industrial Joint Stock Co.
  • Vietnam Sourcing Report
    Garments 2015

    “After four months, TVP has received over 100 inquiries from foreign buyers and got orders valued $10,000. They have become our long-term customers. An amazing result!”
    Justin Le, Senior Business Director
  • Vietnam Sourcing Report
    Wooden & Bamboo Furniture 2010

    “101 inquiries later and still no bill. Thanks Hinrich Foundation team for caring about our company.“
    Pham Van Tu, Sales Manager
  • Vietnam Sourcing Report
    Bags 2010

    “I was successful in getting two orders worth $280,000 during and after using the free offered package.”
    Thuy Nguyen
    Hoang Viet Import & Export JSC
  • Vietnam Sourcing Report
    Fashion Accessories 2009

    “When the offer of free online package came, I knew Hinrich Foundation brought a good chance for me. I was successful in getting 10 real orders and each cost between $3,000 and $5,000. I will sign off the contract to use paid package offered by Global Sources staff next week.”
    Thang Dinh, Director
  • Vietnam Sourcing Report
    Garments 2009

    “Our trade association members received nearly 800 inquiries in four months and all that help cost us nothing but a willingness to participate.”
    Thai Thanh Son, Director
    Thai Son SP Co. Ltd
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