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Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association

Alumni association -Trade scholars

Merle A. Hinrich expressed his desire that the foundation continue to run in perpetuity with the mission of promoting sustainable global trade.

One hallmark of successful, long-standing international foundations is their ability to ensure and enhance their longevity and effectiveness by actively engaging their community of beneficiaries. Those stakeholders are best aligned with the foundation’s work to promote the objectives of the foundation and assist in sourcing new beneficiaries for ongoing and new programs.

The objective of the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association (HFAA) is to bring together a network of people  who

  • have shared a similar experience,
  • are located all around the world,
  • are engaged in trade and related endeavors.

The HFAA will help give direction, open new opportunities and offer a networking platform to alumni who have participated in the foundation’s trade, related education and skills training program. It is a platform to network, to grow and to give back to society.