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Mentoring - Trade scholars

Introduction and purpose

It is our endeavor to help Hinich Global Trade Scholars get the best out of everything that they do. Whether they’re beginning studies or starting their work placement and careers, the scholars will need the help and guidance of their peers to help maximize their potential. That’s where the Hinrich Mentor Program comes in.

A mentor is someone who is partnered with a scholar, intern, or new colleague a mentee to offer guidance and share experiences that support his or her new role and responsibilities as a student, intern, or team member. For most scholars transitioning into their new roles, a mentor is an invaluable contact.

A mentee is a new scholar who seeks advice from predecessors.

As a Hinrich mentor or mentee, the scholars will learn from other people as well as gain valuable mentoring and leadership skills that will be useful throughout their career. Most importantly, Hinrich Mentors and Mentees create friendships and networks that can last a lifetime.

As part of the Mentoring Program, scholars will be assigned to a Hinrich Mentor at their university or workplace, and an introduction email with contact information will be sent out to connect before the scholar arrives on campus. Mentors then reach out to the scholar and begin offering their assistance by answering questions and planning when to initially meet each other.

After a year of guidance and friendship from their Mentors, Mentees get the chance to become Mentors for the next generation of Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholars and team members.

Details of the programs, including a calendar of events, will be shared with mentors and mentees every year during the pairing process.