Bachelor of Industrial and System Engineering – International University – Vietnam National University

The AY 2017 application period has ended. Applications for AY 2018 scholarships will open around October 2017.

The Hinrich Foundation and TBS Group are encouraging bright individuals with a passion for international trade & footwear manufacturing to apply for this scholarship and career development opportunity.

Open for the citizen - Trade scholarships

Open to

Year 2 students of Industrial & System Engineering Department at Vietnam National University – International University, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

Program and location - Trade scholarships

Program & Location

Bachelor of Industrial & System Engineering studies at University of Economics, Vietnam.

The scholarship will provide full support for selected students to complete year 3 and year 4 studies, including:
• Full financial support: tuition, living stipend for year 3 and year 4 studies
• Internship & career development: 6-month internship and job with TBS Group upon graduation

Successful candidates will begin their studies in AY 2017, and receive full financial support for tuition fee, housing, living stipend for year 3 and year 4 studies. Plus, you will be offered a 6-month internship and a job with TBS Group upon graduation!

Eligibility - Trade scholarships


Applicants must be Year 2 students of Industrial & System Engineering Department at Vietnam National University – International University. They must be fluent in English and able to meet all requirements of the university.

Requirement - Trade scholarships

Required documents

Your complete online application package must include:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Academic transcript and degree
  • English certification
  • Academic recommendation letter
  • Passport
  • A 500-word essay: “Considering economic, environmental and social factors, how has international trade improved your daily life?”

A successful candidate will be the one who is able to demonstrate a clear and detailed description of study objectives and show a clear connection between their studies and future trade-related career through a compelling cover letter. He or she will need to demonstrate academic excellence and strong English proficiency

How to apply - Trade scholarships

How to apply?

The Applicants are invited to apply here.
Deadline: 18 June, 2017

Further information and other inquiries - Trade scholarships

Further information & other inquiries

Please email [email protected] or visit Hinrich Foundation’s Education Facebook