developing global trade leaders
through trade career development

Trade partnerships

Education plays an essential role in corporate growth and sustainability. Through the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Development Program, we sponsor education and careers for people who are committed to working in global trade. Our objective is to help export companies across the value chain to enhance their talent development pipeline.

We take a very hands-on approach to this program, from personally identifying people keen on trade to placing them with co-sponsoring partner companies upon graduation.

International study Our scholars study overseas, giving them international exposure critical to sensitizing them to other cultures
100% support The program covers all course fees & living costs while studying
Employment Scholars engage in a substantial 6- to 12-month work placement in between study periods and have a guaranteed job with a co-sponsoring partner company upon graduation

To learn how we can help you develop next-generation local leaders for your firm, read on…

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Businesses throughout the international trade sector are facing a variety of challenges due to rapid globalization, automation and the constant advances in technology. Our strategic Trade Partnerships aim to address those challenges for leading companies in the industry.

Leadership across the trade value chain

At every step along the global export value chain, businesses face the need to develop next-generation leadership. Many firms are looking to identify and groom local talent in emerging markets across Asia.

Our goal is to develop leadership across the value chain through partnerships with like-minded companies. We invite you to join us.


Talent challenges in the international trade sector




We sponsor full scholarships for scholars to study abroad & earn a Master’s degree at a well-respected university.

Our scholarships and skills training initiatives create opportunities for bright scholars to develop trade careers with companies looking to develop future leaders for their firms.

Having sponsored scholars from over 11 nations at 15 different universities across the world, we are able to recruit scholars from partners’ desired region and connect with the academic programs that are most aligned with their business needs.

Leadership across the trade value chain

Full scholarships for bright people across Asia who are interested in trade, complete with an immersive internship and career opportunity.

115 scholars & alumni to date
  • 14 enrolled in AY 2015
  • 15 enrolled in AY 2016

As our program expands, Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar will be able to positively impact more businesses and communities around the world.




We work with universities in Hong Kong, mainland China, the US, Vietnam and the Philippines. Examples of programs include:
  • – Bachelor in Business Administration
  • – Master in Business Administration
  • – M.A. Global Business Journalism
  • – M.S. Business Management
  • – M.S. China Business Studies
  • – M.S. Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • – M.S. Supply Chain Logistics
  • – M.S. Engineering Business Management
  • – M.S. Entrepreneurship & Global Marketing

For new partners, we will identify degree programs suitable to your needs and work closely with universities in order to secure the most cost-effective program setup available.

We collaborate with businesses involved in international trade – from global brands, to supply chain companies, to manufacturers – that would like to attract and develop leadership talent. Our partners range from small, family-owned businesses to international industry leaders.


Talent development for the export sector

We have been working with companies to co-sponsor scholarships:

  • – For new talent (Talent acquisition)
  • – For current staff (Internal staff development)

Our partner companies include: VF Corporation, Adidas and its suppliers, Global Sources, Dehres, CML Global Solutions and Knoll Printing & Packaging.

Our program provides a wide range of unique benefits for trade partners. These benefits improve with increased engagement from partners.


This talent development program is a 3-step process, with the Hinrich Foundation team managing all aspects. The program can be customized for each partner based on their specific talent development needs.


How we develop future leaders in export trade

The Hinrich Foundation team manages the entire process.

Talent development program benefits & contact

Partner benefits
Employee engagement – Scholars work for partner for at least two years.
Talent acquisition, retention & diversification
Low cost scholarship program – Co-funded & managed by HF
Increase CSR in emerging markets

Partner & HF co-sponsor scholars
✓ First batch of scholars 50:50 (HF: partner)
✓ Subsequent batches 25:75 (HF: partner)
✓ 100% of partner funds go direct to scholarship; overhead borne by HF
✓ HF manages and administers entire program at our cost

contact-usTo discuss your talent development needs, contact:
Alex Ward – Education Partnerships Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +632 558-6517
Skype: alexwardHF
WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber: +63 905 519 6894