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University orientation

University orientation

Preparing for overseas study does not only involve excitement but also brings forth many questions. You will need a variety of knowledge and skill sets to adapt to a new country, school life, culture and people!

Most scholars will feel out of place and anxious at first – that is totally normal! Keeping that in mind, our current scholars have designed Hinrich Foundation Orientation Guides for each university, giving incoming scholars an excellent resource to learn specific information regarding their university, upcoming studies, living situation, logistic information, and of course, the fun things as well!

This significant effort from the previous scholars, who have gone through what you are going to experience, is designed to make your transition as smooth as possible! Each component of the Orientation Guide is designed to prepare you and excite you for your new journey!

Soon enough, you too will be able to pass along your knowledge, as well as your legacy for your successors – the next class of scholars!