Hinrich Foundation Sustainable Trade Index 2018


The Hinrich Foundation commissioned The Economist Intelligence Unit to build the Sustainable Trade Index to measure the capacity of 20 economies to participate in the international trading system in a manner that supports long term sustainable development.

The Index uses 24 indicators to measure 19 economies in Asia and the U.S. across the three recognized pillars of sustainability: economic growth, social capital, and environmental protection. The Index measures the readiness of each economy to participate in global trade in a way that creates sustainable growth and attracts foreign direct investment, and funding and support from multilateral development agencies.

Resources available for free download

  • Sustainable trade index – Report

    Discover the economic, social and environmental factors determining each economy’s Sustainable Trade Index ranking, plus methodology and indicators for each. 

  • Sustainable trade index – Fact sheet

    Get the key figures and findings from the 2018 report in this fact sheet. 

  • Sustainable trade index – Infographic

    Infographic highlighting overall rankings among each of the three pillars of sustainable trade and each economy's performance relative to per capita GDP. 

  • Sustainable trade index – Interactive dataset

    Run scenarios with different weightings for each pillar and change the indicators to create personalized views for each economy. 

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Additional resources

  • Sustainable trade index – 2016 Report

    Download the 2016 Sustainable Trade Index to compare with most recent findings. 

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The 2018 Hinrich Foundation Sustainable Trade Index press release is available here.
Special reports Looking for specific information on your economy? Click on the flag or name below to download an in-depth breakdown of each economy’s performance on the 2018 Index.
1st Hong Kong Hong Kong
2nd S.Korea S.Korea
3rd Singapore Singapore
4th Japan Japan
6th Taiwan Taiwan
7th Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
8th China China
9th Vietnam Vietnam
10th Philippines Philippines
11th India India
12th Malaysia Malaysia
13th Thailand Thailand
14th Indonesia Indonesia
15th Brunei Brunei
16th Pakistan Pakistan
17th Bangladesh Bangladesh
18th Laos Laos
19th Cambodia Cambodia
20th Myanmar Myanmar


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