Our Programs

We deliver programs that educate and engage stakeholders on global trade issues and develop talent to advance trade activity:

Education programs

Our scholarship and short courses provides foundational knowledge and skills about sustainable trade to individuals involved in global trade, policymakers and media. Read more.

Education Programs

Trade research

Our trade research program aims to deepen the understanding of global trade issues, and to research and highlight the conditions for making trade more sustainable. Read more.

Our Programs 1

Events and engagement initiatives

In support of these programs, we stimulate conversation and engage stakeholders to create solutions to global trade issues by;

  • Organizing policy discussions and events that focus on global trade trends, issues and forward-looking solutions.
  • Inviting students from across Asia Pacific to present policy and industry proposals for enhancing the sustainability of global trade through the Sustainable Trade Challenge.
  • Encouraging exemplary journalism that advances the understanding of international trade through the Hinrich Foundation Award for Distinguished Reporting on Trade.

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