Merle A. Hinrich

Merle A. Hinrich established the Hinrich Foundation with the mission of promoting sustainable global trade. It advances its objective by supporting trade leadership development and fostering international trade research.

As Founder and former Executive Chairman of trade media company Global Sources, Mr. Hinrich has dedicated his life and the activities of the company to advancing sustainable global trade. In particular, Global Sources has provided trade marketing services to tens of thousands of producers from across Asia and Greater China over the last 45 years, through its trade media, online services and trade shows.

Through the endeavors of the Hinrich Foundation, we are able to extend his lifelong work in trade and human development into areas best served by a philanthropic organization.

Why, how & what of the Hinrich Foundation

WhyWe believe sustainable global trade promotes peace between nations.

HowThe Hinrich Foundation has four key ambitions:
 Encourageboth the private sector and governments to drive innovation and competitiveness.
 Sponsorthe education and skill development of individuals who wish to participate in international trade.
 Providepractical trade services which in turn create jobs.
 Encourageequality in trade development by influencing policymakers to take a balanced approach and support open and transparent global trade.

WhatTo achieve these goals, the Foundation engages in the three interrelated programs:
 Trade leadership developmentSponsors educational opportunities for individuals who show a commitment to participating in or promoting innovative and competitive global trade.
 Export trade trainingOffers practical trade education to small and medium-sized companies to grow their sales overseas.
 International trade researchInitiates research, elicits opinions and disseminates information about global trade in order to encourage informed debate and balanced policy making in support of open and transparent global trade.


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