FAQs - Trade scholarships

I. General questions

1. What is Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship program?

Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarships aim to develop people to become leaders in international trade. It includes academic studies integrated with practical trade-related work experience and trade careers upon graduation.

2. Where do I find the list of Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarships?
3. What is included in the scholarship?

Hinrich Foundation offers full scholarship support. The following will be covered at a basic level:

  • Academic tuition and mandatory fees for the duration of the course, including exam costs
  • A monthly allowance for room and board, and living expenses sufficient for a single student
  • Support for educational supplies and materials
  • Airfare for the scholar’s travel to the university and back to their country
  • All costs related to securing and maintaining a student visa for the duration of study
4. How do I apply for a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship?

You can apply online at: https://www.hinrichfoundation.com/hinrich-global-trade-leaders-scholarships/

If you have any questions about the application process, contact us directly via email, facebook or website.

5. Can I bring my spouse (or any dependent) with me during my study time? Will Hinrich Foundation give any support for my dependent?

No. It is beyond the scope of the scholarship to support the family of the beneficiary. Also, professors from universities advise that scholars shouldn’t bring any dependents with him/her during study time due to cost and focus reason.

6. If I receive a scholarship, how is the money awarded?

If you are selected as Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar, you will sign an Agreement with the Hinrich Foundation, which includes the scholarship amount and disbursement schedule. Normally, scholarship will be split into semesters.

7. I have missed the deadline for scholarship this year, what should I do?

Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarships are offered annually. You can closely follow the information on our website and be ready for next year’s intake.

II. Application-related questions

8. What is the minimum English proficiency requirements for the scholarship (if required)?

The requirement is either TOEFL 80 for internet-based test, 550 for paper-based test, IELTS 6. For certain universities, CET band 6 is also accepted. Exception: if you are applying for Tel Aviv University, GMAT/GRE is required instead of IELTS/TOEFL

9. Do I need to re-take English-standardized tests (IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/GRE) if my test score has expired?

Yes, a valid test score is required.

10. I have a master’s degree. Should I include both my undergraduate and graduate transcripts in my application?

Yes, you are required to submit your undergraduate transcript as well as other degrees/ certificates you have obtained (including graduate transcript).

11. My GPA is just average – am I eligible to apply for the scholarship?

Yes. Although excellent academic performance will bring you advantage, it is just one of criteria such as work experiences, passion in trade, extra-curricular activities, etc.

12. Can I apply if my bachelor degree is not relevant to the offered scholarship program?

Yes, you can. Relevant academic background is just one of the criteria those Hinrich Foundation will take into consideration. Your other work experiences or passion will count.

13. If I was born in one of scholarship listed countries, but currently hold another citizenship, will I still be eligible to apply?

No. Scholarships are only for people holding the relevant citizenships.

14. Do I need to complete Hinrich Foundation online application page as well as application for university admission?

Applicant only needs to submit online application for Hinrich Foundation. If the applicant is chosen as Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar; we will help him (her) to apply for university admission later.

15. What is a letter of reference?

A letter of reference is a letter from someone who can articulate your strengths and accomplishments to recommend you to scholarship provider. There is no word limit for letter of reference

An academic letter of reference is the letter of recommendation from your teacher/ professor or academic mentor; while professional letter of reference is from your employer or supervisor.

16. Where will the interview take place?
The selection committee will arrange in-person interviews in different cities. The candidates will be invited to attend a face-to-face interview.

III. Work-related questions

17. Is work experience a must to apply for Hinrich scholarships?

Work experience is desired but not required to apply for Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholarship program.

18. What are the opportunities/ requirements upon graduation?

To give scholars a solid career foundation in a trade-related field to help them develop marketable skills, the scholars will be offered (and required) to work for 2 or 3 years with Hinrich Foundation or its partners.

19. What kind of role will scholar graduates be offered after graduation? Where the scholar will work at and how much is the pay?

Job and geographic location will be based on the sponsoring company’s needs and account for, as much as possible, the scholar’s interest.

20. What happens should I refuse the employment offer?

Should that happens, you must repay full amount of the scholarship.

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