For five years, Bobi Craft has been creating and exporting high-quality crochet toys and woolen and fabric products from Vietnam.

Bobi Craft Photo 2
The Bobi Craft team.

Made from 100-percent wool, our toys are thoughtfully created to bring children back the simple joy of playing with toys. These are made by a team of creative and passionate individuals who make sure that each toy is not only beautifully designed, but also strictly follows the EN 71 toy safety code.

Bobi Craft Photo 1
Bobi Craft’s adorable sheep plushies.

Since its establishment, Bobi Craft has also been dedicated to providing a source of income to the poor and disadvantaged, as well as elevating wool and fabric products and showcasing them in the global market.

One of the platforms that have made these possible for us is Global Sources.

We chose Global Sources, with the support of Hinrich Foundation, as one of the means to promote our products because we wanted to develop the business and build lasting relationships with potential customers. Since using the platform, our company has received more than 40 inquiries from international buyers from the US, Canada, Japan among others and created more job opportunities (up to 50 frequent and infrequent jobs). We have even augmented the annual income in line with Bobi Craft’s increased production capacity.

Our goal now is to expand distribution channels to more countries and develop a stronger brand identity in traditional markets in the coming years. Through our team’s efforts and the assistance Global Sources has provided, we hope to achieve these and eventually create jobs for more than 200 female workers in Ho Chi Minh City and other villages in Vietnam.

About the author – Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen

She is a sales and marketing director of Bobi Craft