Sunil showing Google Calendar on his phone
Sunil showing Google Calendar on his phone.

The story of Hinrich Foundation‘s export consultant Sunil Bishnoi of his using Google Calendar to impress not only his Global Sources colleagues but also his boss during his visit to India. The story also includes Sunil’s sharing of how he knew Google Calendar and his thought on the usefulness of the program.

I (actually Google calendar) impressed my Boss while he was on visistt to India

“Ohh Sunil great, thanks for reminding me for my next meeting, you are proactive.” That was the statement of my boss when I reminded him of his next meeting. Isn’t that cool!!

Yes, I was active and remembered all his schedule but still it was the Google calendar which blinked on my phone again and again saying “Alex to interview scholars” – “Travel time for Alex” and more. Even in the meetings it was helpful. In one incidence in a meeting with suppliers, we crossed the time limit set for that meeting and we were getting late for the next meeting and the conversation with the suppliers was still continue. I wanted to interrupt in between but that is not a good professionalism suddenly my phone started vibrating again and again with the blink saying “next meeting at 5 pm, travel time to the venue”. One supplier saw me checking the phone and asked me silently if it’s important you can attend it and I said it’s my G calendar which is saying time to move for next meeting and that was the solution. In next 2 minutes we ended up the meeting on good note. See that was helpful again, without interrupting I managed to say what I wanted. It’s like a mentor and good friend which remind you what to do next.

Sharing Google Calendar – from scholars to colleagues

The GS team in the office also saw me using this one day as my phone was ringing on the table and I was away from my workstation. One colleague saw my phone on table with the blink of my next meeting with the association. She got impressed and asked me how to use that we also want to apply in our daily work.

It started with when I was in Hong Kong last week to attend trade leader workshop and trade fair as a part of Hinrich Foundation’s training program. In the second day of workshop “Tina” past scholar from Hong Kong Baptist University and now working in Hinrich Foundation Vietnam team shared the importance of G-calendar and reflected its results on our daily work. After coming back from Hong Kong I started using this and the results are here. To be very frank I still don’t know 100% usage of G calendar but I am learning it and it’s like a mentor telling me what to do at what time and keep my deadlines chased.

So if you want to impress your boss or want your work up to date start using Google calendar now.

About the Author – Sunil Bishnoi

Sunil bishnoi

Sunil, based in Delhi, works as an Export consultant under the Developing Country Export Assistance Program. Sunil graduated from Punjab Technical University, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration. Before graduation, he earned his Diploma in Footwear Technology from Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI).