Duc Thanh was established in May 1991 with the core value of “contributing to environmental protection.” It is the country’s leading professional manufacturer of kitchenware, household utensils, furniture and toys made of rubberwood, MDF and plywood, among others. Our wooden products are lightweight, durable and environment-friendly with reasonable prices. This is the best way to protect the ecological environment.

Duc Thanh-P1-2June16
Duc Thanh factory’s façade


Kitchen is more than just a place for cooking.

Designing a good kitchen interior is more than just picking the right appliances. Duc Thanh’s kitchenware collection is experimental, new and different, some of which serve novel functions and others may be too conceptual to be useful.


Many of us have way more stuff than what we want. Where to put them? Some racks and holders often overflow and leave us to seek other kinds of creative storage. Since space is a necessity in our house, it makes sense to let us help you make it a design statement.


Duc Thanh’s designs include some sets of modern and impressive furniture, from coffee to dinner tables, where we gather around and house our favorite magazines or daily food. Our products value the surface that is at the center of our lives.

Children’s toys

Develop children’s ability in exploring, discovering and studying through playing by using Duc Thanh’s diversified toys, which are certified safe for kids. With attractive colors associated with eye-catching and funny shaped features, our children’s toy collection is on the way to enrich their creativity.

“Home Paradise” is the ideal that Duc Thanh would like to achieve for our customers. Our mission is demonstrated through our existing product lines. In 2006, we achieved several key milestones, including the launch of WINWINTOYS, which encompasses a wide selection of high-quality educational toys for children.

Duc Thanh has two big factories located in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong Province, which cover a total area of over 38,000 square meters. The company has continuously strengthened its position in the wood processing industry in Vietnam as well as internationally. It has aggressive revenue growth, a labor force of over 1,000 skillful workers, the modern equipment, and a production management system achieving ISO 9001:2008.


Duc Thanh-P2-2June16
Duc Thanh booth at Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, Germany in February 2016

Market and production lines
With the motto, “Management enhancement means quality improvement. Virtuous maintenance means customer retention”, we have always kept a good relationship with our clients.  We offer them our best price and meet their high quality standard and on-time delivery. We have designed and made products in small quantity of customized shapes and sizes, as requested by our customers. They feel satisfied with our approach and quick response  at all times. That is the reason why our customers have often made small and large orders, and repeat their purchases later on.

Duc Thanh’s products are exported to over 50 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Australia, South Africa and the United States. In the domestic market, our company has a wide distribution in large supermarket chains such as Coop Mart, Big C and Metro in the cities of Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi and Da Nang cities as well as in other provinces.

Annually, Duc Thanh Co. participates in international B2B trade fairs: Ambient Fair in Germany in February, Vifa – Expo in Vietnam in March, Hong Kong Houseware Fair in April, and Tokyo Gift Show in September.

Those fairs show us the great potential of our products in the international markets. Many visitors have been interested in our products, asking many questions on how to meet their requirements in getting orders from them. They are among the most successful fairs of Duc Thanh.

Duc Thanh not only manufactures high quality products, but also organizes some training activities yearly for skilled workers and professional staff. These include regular training and evaluation for office staff; workshops and skill contests to improve worker’s skills; fire drill and first aid training; and, Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody training course.

Through such activities, the company has always improved in different development stages, which is  a mission in our strategy.

By joining the Export Trade Assistance Program with the Hinrich Foundation , Duc Thanh Co. is aware of a great opportunity to expand export markets, be known to many buyers through their inquiries, and get orders from potential customers. Thanks to the Foundation’s support, we hope that Duc Thanh Co. and its wooden products will be promoted worldwide from the B2B marketing website, Global Sources. Together we can achieve our goal, which is to promote the unique value of Duc Thanh based on “stable basis, effective management and sustainable growth.”

About the author – Dinh Viet Thuan

Dinh Viet Thuan

Dinh Viet Thuan  is the Sales Marketing Officer for Duc Thanh Wood Processing JSC in Vietnam. He graduated from HCM City University of Economics.