Hoang Lam is a furniture manufacturer in Vietnam making an effort to become more than just a wood-processing shop.

Hoang Lam furniture 1
Visitors drop by Hoang Lam’s area at the Vietnam International Furniture and Home Accessories Fair 2016.

The company, which began as subcontractor for different companies, has always strived to improve design capacity and create innovative products for the international market. Today, Hoang Lam’s accomplishments speak for all its efforts.

Hoang Lam furniture 2
Hoang Lam Executive Director Lam Nguyen and his winning piece.

In 2015, it ranked 12th place in the Best Innovators Awards organized by the Leipzig University and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its design called “The Fire.” This year, it placed third in the Handicraft and Wood Industry Association or HAWA’s Furniture Design Competition for its piece called “Earth Table”.

The company started out in 2012 by subcontracting sanding, carving and finishing furniture pieces for other companies. Today, it undertakes design, building and equipping projects and has gained customers from different parts of the world including France, its largest market.

Looking ahead, Hoang Lam plans to steadily build its own skilled labor force, upgrade machines and increase production scale in order to increase exports and reach new markets. “To have this come true, there is a long way to go,” says Lam Nguyen, Hoang Lam’s executive director.

The company also plans to launch new pieces that are both inspired by Vietnam’s culture and the current and modern trends of today to ensure that their products are unique and marketable.

Moon Nguyen - Blog - April, 2016 - Photo 1
Hoang Lam’s piece “Earth Table,” which won third place in HAWA’s Furniture Design Competition.

“Design capacity is an essential factor to build the culture for the furniture industry,” says Phuong Nguyen, general secretary of Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of Ho Chi Minh City. “But in order to have this culture, we need to take changes step-by-step, small and steady.”

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