Ten teams each consisting of four members from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s business school have been selected to compete by developing sales channels and selling the most goods made by deaf and disabled producers in Cambodia through the Hinrich Foundation’s Export Assistance Program Cambodia. They are developing practical business skills by selling to help. Here are the insights, aspirations and lesson learned from the ninth team “BRIDGE Project“.

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We begin a new year with support from more and more people!

A BRIDGE that is built to last! – by SIU Pui Hin (Jason)

With deep understanding that the greatest social impact comes from a long-lasting social enterprise model, we aimed at creating a sustainable “BRIDGE” project between Cambodia and Hong Kong. Instead of joining a one-time charity event, we decided to brainstorm and try different ways to construct our sustainable business model- a bridge that is meant to last.

From trying to organize crowdfunding campaign through platforms such as Kickstarter and Fringebacker, to selling the products inside an Italian restaurant in Hung Hom, we finally came up with the idea to ask for sponsorship from Hong Kong companies; the companies sponsoring the handcrafts and our team distributing the products to underprivileged children in community center during the New Year.

Unlike direct selling to the public, we were able to raise sponsorship for deaf and disabled producers in Cambodia as well as gift the handicrafts to underprivileged children in Hong Kong. Our project sponsors were also able to gain public exposure and fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

We would like to show our appreciation to the Hinrich Foundation and faculty of the business school for such a precious opportunity to be inspired, innovate and bring real social impact to society.

About the author – Jason Siu (Siu Pui Hin)

Jason Siu (Siu Pui Hin)

Jason Siu (Siu Pui Hin), an entrepreneurial, innovative and pragmatic youth studying double majors in marketing and industrial and system engineering, with great interest in entrepreneurship/consultancy.