Ten teams each consisting of four members from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s business school have been selected to compete by developing sales channels and selling the most goods made by deaf and disabled producers in Cambodia through the Hinrich Foundation’s Export Assistance Program Cambodia. They are developing practical business skills by selling to help. Here are the insights, aspirations and lesson learned from the tenth team “GenX”.

Export assistance program in Cambodia-Goods -turtle

Using words to touch people – by Danni (Dannie) Jin

We are group 10, GenX. We have Cambodian Christmas decorations, eco-friendly passport holders, travel cases and pouches. Our focus is to help provide disabled and poor Cambodian artists with jobs.

“Build trust and make it happen” is the lesson we learned. On the purchasing day, we chose a variety of Christmas decorations and other products. As they were small products with high prices, we were worried about being able to sell them. We started thinking about adding the value of stories to the products.

On the 30th of November, we held a pedestrian-side sale where we told stories of artists to the pedestrians and encouraged them to provide their love. At first, we thought the prices were too high and the value of the stories is less. To our surprise, many pedestrians were moved by the sale and bought the products. We realized that true stories can add value to the products. When we sold the products, we actually sold the story and our emotion.

The perceptive value of the products is the connection between the artists’ story and the audience. The audience can buy the products when they can get a sense of the hardship in the artists’ life. We needed to build up this connection and encourage the audience to love the disabled and poor artists. This project helped us appreciate the marketing world and we realized the value of stories and emotion. Our project is still ongoing.

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Selling strategy – Adding value – by Yanjun (Alfy) Tang

Since the price of those products is relatively high, we focused on adding value and we divided the value into two parts: the inner value of the products and the extra value we added.

Generally speaking, we introduced the inner value of our products through showing the background of the Cambodian artist and using the hard data of Cambodia to deepen the theme. One of our promotion themes is the educational conditions in Cambodia, but we first told a story about a single mother who works for this company to raise her 12 -year-old son and then introduced the poor educational circumstances of Cambodia.

Moreover, we used information like “The literacy rate of Cambodia is no. 132 out of 180 countries” to make the content more impressive. What impressed me most is that in our first booth-selling day, a mother asked her son and daughter to buy the products and told them that they need to have the sense that there are many children live in poor condition thus they should cherish and do more.

Export assistance program in Cambodia 3-1

The captivation of advertisement

For extra value, I would like to use a pouch we sold as an example. After the first sale, we found that customers did not pay much attention to the pouches since it is usually considered as a wrapper of other products. We decide put something in the pouch – we decided to put an apple and a handwritten wish card into each pouch and sell them as “lucky apples”, and got good results with this strategy.


Export assistance program in Cambodia 3-2
Lucky Apple.

About the Author – JIN Danni (Dannie)

JIN Danni (Dannie)

Dannie (JIN Danni), year 3 Hong Kong Polytechnic University, major in Accounting and Finance. Interested in finance and marketing, she wants to experience and contribute to the business world. The activity, “Generation.Next: Global Leadership for the 21st Century” supported by Hinrich Foundation, gives her a chance to develop business skills through creating marketing channels. She learns that trust creates markets and we can make it happen.

About the Author – TANG Yanjun (Alfy)

Team Ten – GenX: Love and help, make it happen!!! 1

TANG Yanjun (Alfy), a year 2 student major in marketing in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She went to Cambodia for her service learning in 2014, the circumstance impressed her a lot and the “Sell-to-help” project gives her an opportunity to offer help exactly. She is a positive girl and wants to get more practical business experience to enrich her university life.