Similar to the blogs written in previous weeks, this blog is going to share some real-life marketing experience by one of the PolyU students who have joint the Generation.Next CSR “Sell-to-Help” Project. The project is supported by Hinrich Foundation and Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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A Bumpy Start

My project group consists of 4 members, including Margaret, Eunice, Kevin and me. At the very beginning of the project before the Goods Purchasing Day, we held a meeting. We discussed our business strategies deeply and constructed our great plan. We went through the whole goods list and planned the items and quantity we were going to buy. We even made an Excel file to list out our optimistic plan with some contingency solutions. But life is always full of challenges. When I arrived to the “market” on the Goods Purchasing Day, I was told that our team was the last one to choose the goods, which means there was no choice to choose. As a result we “all in” the rest of the products valiantly just like in the casino. The quality of each product is very nice but with a wide range but little quantity of products, it won’t be easy to sell it.

Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong<

All marketing theories and knowledge learnt from books always seems prefect. When applying the real business life, it may be another story. Although the products we purchased were not as we planned, we thought that our original direction of organizing consignment sales with some self-own shops would be a good idea. We hope to promote the awareness of CSR and caring of the needy round the world. We brought the products and visited plenty shops in Sha Tin which is one of the districts citizens and tourists will come shopping. However, we came to another obstacle. The response was not quite positive. We must admit that the operation of consignment sales is not easy to implement.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

After the failure of dealing consignment sales, our group felt depressed. It seems that our group is deeming to fail. But suddenly a proverbial phrase came into my mind, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. YES! It is encouragement. Our group needs encouragement; the needy needs encouragement; the whole society needs encouragement. So we rethink our plan that decided to put some famous while encouraging or inspiring quotes beside our products and upload to the social media. People interested our product can contact us through inbox messaging. Even you are not interested to our products, if you find the quote touches your heart, you can share it to someone you love and care. We hope that the society is full of positive energy and care and of course hopefully advertise our products at the mean time. The project is still ongoing and the effect of our idea will soon be seen. Hope our lemonade is ready for serve this time!

About the author – Jackie Lung

Jackie Lung

Jackie Lung, one of the members of Team 4 (4S) of this project. He is a final-year undergraduate student at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His majors are Management and Computing. His motto is “You only live once”. He had once joint a service-learning team to teach some HIV+ kids in Cambodia using computers, which gave him an unforgettable experience. This time, Jackie shifts from “Serve-to-Learn” to “Sell-to-help”. He hopes to utilize his professions to help the needy in the society.