On May 19th, Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholars from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), volunteers from Global Sources as well as Fossil Group attended the Conrad Summer Gift Fair 2014, contributing to making a difference in peoples’ lives by selling handmade products. Below is some sharing of Cathy Zhou from HKBU and Kwok Ki Lung (Edmond) from Global Sources.

  • Cathy Zhou’s story
  • Kwok Ki Lung’s story
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Volunteers selling-to-help to create jobs for needy Cambodians at the Conrad Summer Gift Fair 2014. Pictured from left: Hinrich Foundation Scholar Michael Wen, Fossil Group’s Claire Quigley, Global Sources’ Edmond Kwok, and scholar Cathy Zhou.

Hinrich Foundation Scholars Together with Volunteers Help Sell Handmade Products in Conrad Summer Gift Fair 2014 – by Cathy Zhou

Hinrich Foundation has attended the Conrad Winter Bazaar several years in the past in November and December. But this is the first time for Hinrich Foundation through its export Assistance Program Cambodia to attend the Conrad Summer Gift Fair.

“Even though, the Christmas ornaments were not welcomed as much as silver jewelry in summer bazaar, but they were moderately sold” said Michael Wen, a scholar from mainland China.

Therefore, in order to adapt to the market condition, silver jewelry, new product this year, was introduced to take the place of ornaments as the main product for the summer bazaar.

Also, the competition is fierce thus the scholars and volunteers do need to think of effective strategy to persuade and captured the target customers. “Buyers in the Conrad bazaar were very interested in helping with charity causes, and many of them bought the products because of this reason,” said Artemisa Hernandez, the volunteer from Global Sources Shenzhen. By communicating face to face to the buyers, Michael concluded that, “most of those customers who were willing to drop by were keen on charity works.”

“The competitive advantage, as we found out, lies in the nature of Hinrich Foundation as a charitable organization. What we can do to distinguish ourselves is to take up a unique marketing position by taking the initiative to introduce our mission and communicate the meaningfulness of their purchase,” said Cathy Zhou, a scholar from mainland China.

By communicating our mission to the customers face-to-face, the scholars and volunteers did successfully promote the program to interested parties. Many of the customers took promotion cards for information and promised to contact for further information.

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Pictured from left: Hinrich Foundation Scholars Suri Wang & Cathy Zhou and Global Sources’ Edmond Kwok at the previous YWCA Spring bazaar on March 14th.

Helping the Poor, Educating the Rich – by Kwok Ki Lung (Edmond)

World is a big family as all of us are living in the same planet. We share the same humanity and value. However, due to the uneven resources distribution, not all people enjoy the same level of wealth. People suffering in poverty and lack of standard living style surely need us to give a hand on. Therefore, I choose to spare part of my life to serve the charity and help the poor whenever there is an opportunity.

Gladly, Hinrich Foundation provides me the chance to ease the poor Cambodians’ lives through the bazaars. Through selling the handmade products made by the hardworking and disabled Cambodians, it significantly help them to improve their livelihood and support their kids to school for completeness and dignity. More importantly, it proves their working ability, giving them a strong confidence to face their lives. I would say that the meaning behind the bazaars is magnificent.

“Selling the handmade products does not only help the poor, but also educates the rich”. In every purchase, the customers learn the concept and meaning behind the bazaar. We also tell them the story of the poor guys. Through thisintroduction, the buyers will treasure more their own life, and also learn their responsibility to save the poor. Although the products are small in size, but their meaning behind is huge.

Through volunteering in the bazaars two times [Conrad Summer Gift Fair on May 19th and YWCA Spring bazaar on March 14th], I really learnt a lot from practicing my selling skills and interacting with different target customers. This valuable experience will certainly be useful on the some other days in my life. Thanks again for the volunteering opportunity provided by Hinrich Foundation. I hope this kind of charity can be sustainable and continuously help the poor.

About the Author – Cathy Zhou

Education-Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarships-Meet our scholars- Zhou Xiuqi

Cathy (Zhou Xiuqi) is a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar at Hong Kong Baptist University. She is from Shantou, Guandong, China. Before receiving the HF scholarship, she was studying in Guandong University of Foreign Studies, majoring in International Business. In September, 2013, she transferred to HKBU to contiune her study in business. She is currently studying in Year2, concentrating on China Business Studies(CBS), and set to graduate in the spring of 2015.