Edwards Lyu and his wife Luna Liu with their son, Daniel Lyu’s 100th day after birth family photo.
Edwards Lyu and his wife Luna Liu with their son, Daniel Lyu’s 100th day after birth family photo.

Family is important for Chinese people, especially who are studying abroad. Although I have traveled to several countries before, this is my first time to be overseas for one year. But I am lucky to have my wife studying with me for one semester in the same university-Tel Aviv University in Israel. I am studying international MBA in the Business School, and she is an exchange student in Law Faculty. However, our son is too young to come with us and my parents are taking care of him in China.

There is an idiom in Chinese as getting married and starting career. Which one should be first, career or marriage? Every year, it is debated among university lovers who are going to graduate. On one hand, someone believes that getting married before career matures will develop better. On the other hand, some people hold the opinion that bread is more important than love. As to me, getting married and have a family does not necessarily interfere with my career planning. Even more, I already have a son. Actually, family is not a pressure but motive force driving me to pursue a better future.

Three years ago, when I came to Israel for the first time on a business visit, I did not anticipate that I would come back more than three times. Two years ago, an Israeli friend suggested me consider applying for scholarship to study MBA in Israel. I appreciated her kindness out of courtesy. One year ago, I started my application after getting married and expecting my son to be born. Half a year ago, I was honored to be a recipient of Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholarship, admitted to the Sofaer International MBA program of Tel Aviv University, and Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship. Now, I am sitting in my apartment in Israel to look back the past year’s applying process, such as preparing GMAT during weekends when I was working in China. Family is not only supporting my decision, but also an impetus for me to fast forward to my dream.

Just as the great sage, Confucius, once said that when one’s personal life is cultivated, one’s family will be regulated and then one’s state will be well governed; and when all the states are well governed, there will be peace and harmony throughout the world. Now, I am following his guidance to cultivate myself by changing my career from foreign affairs to international trade, and hope to establish myself when I have 30th birthday next year with my MBA diploma.

At last, I want to say Thank You to my family and especially to my wife, who always supports me and accompanies me from her hometown to my previous working place and now in Israel, even preparing to find a job after her graduation in the city I will probably work. With so much backing from family, I must work hard to fulfill Confucius’ words to get my personal life cultivated and my family regulated.

About the Author – Edwards Lyu

Edwards Lyu - Masada overviewing the Dead Sea

Edwards is a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar and Israel-Asia Leaders Fellow studying in the Sofaer IMBA program of Tel Aviv University, Israel. He has master and bachelor degrees in International Relations.

Edwards spent the past three years working as an international communication officer in Nanjing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, China. He worked in Asian Affairs Division and mainly liaison with Israeli counter parts in Sci-tech, Economic, Cultural and Educational cooperation.

In short term, I want to get MBA and work in international trade to gain more experiences in business filed. In the long run, I hope to do consulting and bridging the world and China by helping foreign businessman explore Chinese market.