Hinrich Foundation (HF) successfully held the second leg of the Hinrich-adidas joint scholarships in Myanmar on May 28, 2016.

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Our alumni (Soe Sandar Oo) is sharing about her scholarship experiences and current work with adidas.

Following the event in Cambodia on May 21, this event was held at the Myanmar Engineering Society by HF and its partners to provide an opportunity for residents of Myanmar and Cambodia.  Qualified candidates get the chance to study overseas at accredited universities in Vietnam (Vietnamese-German University) and are even offered internship during their studies and a job opportunity upon graduation.

Since the scholarship program’s introduction in Myanmar and Cambodia, there have already been inquiries from prospective candidates, as well as interest from both governments.

Representatives from Hinrich Foundation (Mai Nguyen & Alex Boome – the 4th and 5th person from left) together with prospective candidates in the information section.
Hinrich Foundation’s co-sponsoring partner (Pou Chen Myanmar) is discussing with prospective candidates about scholarships and careers.

In Cambodia, the Ministry of Commerce gave a meaningful talk on the status of talent development in Cambodia and how the program can help bridge the gap between the demand and supply.

In Myanmar meanwhile, visitors got opportunity to speak with representatives from Pou Chen Myanmar, one of HF’s partners, about current career opportunities in the company.

“We have been expanding in Myanmar. Right now, we have over 2,500 employees and have a critical need for more talents who can assume managerial-level positions,” said Henry Chien, a representative from Myanmar Pou Chen.

HF’s Program Director Alexander Boome was also at the event to give more information about the scholarship.

“Global Production Engineering & Management is an excellent combination of knowledge on engineering and management,” he said. “The University is located in Vietnam, but with a curriculum that’s generated from the University of Berlin in Germany and teachers flying in, the program provides you with the best learning experiences possible.”

Its second year working with Adidas, the foundation hopes to continue working with the company to boost the program in Myanmar and Cambodia. Last year alone, over 50 candidates applied for the program, and after an intensive selection process, four scholarships were given to chosen candidates from both countries.

“We appreciate Adidas’ vision in developing people – the center of all economic development – and we are excited to continue working with them in the coming years,” said Boome.

About the author – Mai Nguyen

Mai Nguyen

Mai Nguyen, based in Ho Chi Minh City, is Hinrich Foundation’s Program Manager.

Awarded the Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholarship in 2010, she worked for Global Sources for a year and later joined Hinrich Foundation in 2012 to manage the Trade Scholarships and Career program.