” The Hinrich Foundation held its annual scholar welcome reception on September 22, 2016 at the Hong Kong Football Club, with the theme of “Thankfulness”.

HONG KONG, September 22, 2016 – Alexander J. Boome, the Program Director of the Hinrich Foundation, welcomed all the guests with these opening remarks, “Tonight is a special night for us, and we are glad each of you are here. We are proud to say that this year we have both a record number of scholars being supported by our program, and a record number of guests at the event. On behalf of every scholar and alumni of the Hinrich Foundation, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to our partner universities and partner companies,”.

Following Mr. Boome’s remarks, Laura Siu, the President of the Alumni Leadership Committee, then talked about the objectives of the newly-launched Alumni Association. “We wish to offer guidance, open new opportunities and provide a networking platform to all the alumni who have participated in the foundation’s trade related education and skills training program. It is a platform which will allow everyone to network, to grow and to give back to society”, she said.

After Laura’s comments, the scholars and alumni took the stage in cohorts to express their gratitude and present certificates of thanks to their university or partner organization.

Eight Certificates of Thankfulness were delivered, among them:

  1. Hong Kong Baptist University – Bachelors of Business Administration – Peter Lau
  2. Hong Kong Baptist University – MA in International Journalism Studies – Judith Clarke
  3. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – MSc in Manufacturing Systems Engineering – Steve Frankland
  4. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – China Business Studies – Steve Frankland
  5. VF Corporation – Cameron Bailey
  6. Dehres – Ephraim Zion
  7. Global Sources – Philip Chatting
  8. Li & Fung – Karen Seymour

The initiator of the foundation, Mr. Merle. A Hinrich, then gave a Scholarship Certificate to all thirteen new Hinrich Scholars beginning their studies this semester. These scholars are currently enrolled in undergraduate and post-graduate programs. The 2016 Scholarship Certificate recipients are:

  1. Rico Dwi Nugrahatama
  2. Kike Setyowati
  3. Pragya Bhatnagar
  4. Sunil Bishnoi
  5. Muhammad Najmul Haque
  6. Bibekananda Sarker
  7. Linda Ma
  8. Vivian Zhao
  9. Ivy Huang
  10. Destinee Luo
  11. Maggie Cheng
  12. Sophie He
  13. Amy Wang

Once the award ceremony was concluded, the guests finished out the evening with food, drink, friendly conversation and camaraderie. Before leaving, the foundation further thanked the guests, as each attendee was also gifted a copy of Hinrich Foundation’s newest trade research initiative, an innovative book written by Michael J. Enright titled, “Developing China – The Remarkable Impact of Foreign Direct Investment”.

The event reaffirmed the strong bond between the foundation and its partners, and built much excitement around the promising year ahead for all!

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