HONG KONG, Dec. 4, 2016 – The nonprofit Hinrich Foundation opens applications for Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarships for 2016. Every scholarship includes full tuition and living support, extended internships and a trade-related job upon graduation.

Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholars
Integrated academic and skills training programs open to citizens of India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, USA and China who are passionate about export trade.

The foundation invites qualified individuals with a passion for trade from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, the USA and China to apply here for the following scholarships:

  • Masters in International Journalism Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University: India, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration at Hong Kong Baptist University: Second year students at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.
  • Master in Global Business Journalism at Tsinghua University: Arizona State University Cronkite School graduates.
  • Master of Global Management (MGM) at Thunderbird School of Global Management: Citizens of emerging Asian countries.

New scholars will join a network of over 100 Hinrich Global Trade Leaders scholars and alumni. Alumni are working in roles that help promote global trade, including export consultants, export marketing managers, business development analysts or lean manufacturing.

Enhancing scholars’ competitiveness for career development

“Our scholarship program is focused on talent develop for the trade sector,” said Hinrich Foundation program director Alex Boome. “Our intention with the study-work-study structure is to best prepare graduates to add value to companies right when they start work. This will, of course, also help scholars with career advancement and leadership development.”

The scholarships follow the work integrated learning education and skills training model.

Boome said: “This approach, also known as a co-op or sandwich program, combines academic studies with practical work experience. Hinrich scholars will start their studies, work for 6 to 12 months during an extended internship, then return to school to finish their studies. Following this, scholars will start their 2-year career development journey.

“It is a powerful combination that will greatly increase the competitiveness of the scholars upon graduation and as they grow into leading roles in the export sector.”

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About the Hinrich Foundation

The Hinrich Foundation believes sustainable global trade promotes peace. It aims to encourage the private sector and governments to drive innovation and competitiveness in trade-related activities undertaken by individuals, companies, industries and countries by focusing on three program areas:

  • Trade related education & training: We sponsor educational opportunities for individuals who show a commitment to participating in or promoting innovative and competitive global trade. The Hinrich Foundation offers scholarships to students from Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao and China to study in Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines and the U.S. We give our scholars internships and on-the-job training in export related companies and organizations in 10 countries.
  • Export trade assistance: We offer practical trade services to promote and coach producers on how to participate in global trade. Through the Export Trade Assistance, the Hinrich Foundation connects exporters in developing Asia with buyers worldwide.
  • International trade policy research: We believe that the health of the global economy and peace between nations depend on countries having productive trade relationships, which requires open, fact-based dialogues. We initiate research, elicit opinions and disseminate information about global trade to encourage objective debate and balanced policy making in support of open, free, transparent and fair global trade.

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