42-page report features export-ready home decor, furniture and fashion accessories, reveals Philippines design and materials advantage.
Hinrich Foundation releases special report highlighting Philippine design capability 1
MANILA, Dec. 6, 2016
The Hinrich Foundation released Design capability Philippines, a 42-page report featuring export-ready home furniture, decor and fashion accessories.

Design capability Philippines will help buyers looking to source from the Philippines by highlighting the Philippine design and raw material advantage, industry frontrunners and the future of design in the Philippines.

The free downloadable report gives insight on how the innately artistic, creative and resourceful Filipino designers build on their multicultural heritage to design pieces that are relevant to the modern consumer and lifestyle. Buyers will also discover:

– The Philippine advantage: What buyers need to know when considering Philippines sourcing.
– Industry frontrunners: Designers who have made their mark locally and internationally.
– Award-winning products: Stunning products from successful designers and manufacturers.
– The future of Philippine design: Trends for sustainable and innovative product development.

“In terms of creative talent, I mean natural talent, it’s there,” said Maria Rita Matute, deputy executive director of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions. Filipinos are very observant and open, and they like to learn and understand, she noted, adding that designing for an international market could become second nature due to their observation skills.“

The Hinrich Foundation team interviewed designers and industry sources for this special report, including Rome Requijo, a furniture designer for the Design Center of the Philippines and Amina Aranaz-Alunan, an international Filipino handbag designer and co-founder of SoFA Design Institute, a specialized design college.

Hinrich Foundation Program Director, Alex Boome, said: “While producing our product-specific sourcing reports we noted the stunning products being produced all over the country. This report is to raise buyers’ awareness of the possibilities here and connect them with top designers as they look to source from the Philippines.

“To help buyers new to Philippine sourcing, we have produced a free eBook: Sourcing from the Philippines. We trust this information will help buyers better evaluate new sourcing opportunities in the country.”

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