It has been a month since I started as an Intern in Hinrich Foundation and I am so blessed to be in this kind of organization. I want to tell you 10 things I love about being a part of the team.

Internship - Philippines office - Hinrich Foundation
Rovin Cincollagas hard at work for the Hinrich Foundation.

Receive government- issued IDs.

It is so important, especially at my age, to have my own government issued Identification Cards. It is used to validate your identity and assure your social security. The Hinrich Foundation and Global Sources helped me to process my Tax Identification ID, my Social Security System ID, my Philippine Health Insurance ID and my PAG-IBIG ID (this one is useful for house loans).

Through this support, you will realize that the Hinrich Foundation cares about their employees. It is so important for workers that their employer is supportive.

Learn more about blogging

Blogging is one of my hobbies and it’s so overwhelming that I can use my skills in writing during my stay here. I have the chance to grow as a blogger because of the published blogs by the Foundation that I used as inspiration in writing.

This blog is the proof of my growth!

More opportunities, more fun

Aside from the chance to improve my skills in writing and communicating, as an intern I saw a great opportunity to improve academically. There are a number of graduate degrees offered in their scholarship program that can help you grow your professional standards.

Of course I want to develop academically so if given the chance, this is a great opportunity to grab.

Train in HTML, Photoshop and InDesign

Since we feature products for exportation, we must assure product images are clear and accurate. Hence, we must be equipped with photoshop skills.

The internet is our medium to showcase our products to the world and we really need to design our pages well so that buyers will find information easily and be interested in products offered by suppliers in our program.

This is the reason why I am studying HTML, Photoshop and InDesign so I can be equipped with editing and web designing skills to promote suppliers’ products well.


Of course, everyone should be practical nowadays. It is kind of hard to work with your stomach growling and the Hinrich Foundation considers not only the development of their interns in their job skills but their physical and financial growth as well. With a very considerable allowance, you will be very motivated to work and look forward to working for them all day.


My teacher once told me, “Your resume is your first impression to your employer. Your credentials define your personality.” With the working credential I have gained with Hinrich Foundation, I know I can give a good first impression to my future bosses.

I hope one day, I can help the Foundation recruit good interns and help good people gain good first impressions.

Meet new friends

It is also important that as a professional, you build connections with others. In the course of my internship here, I gained lots of connections not only in LinkedIn but also personally around the office vicinity. They have made every Wednesday complete and jolly while performing serious tasks. I am looking forward to working with them for a longer period of time.

Develop communication skills

Since elementary school, I have known how to speak English. When I went to college, I though the English I already knew would be all I needed. However, my experience during my internship has proven me wrong. As I have mingled with some of the American team members of the Foundation, I have learned more English words and I have also gained practice in understanding their accents.

Moreover, I learned how to best communicate with executives on the phone. You have to be really patient and take every chance to make them feel comfortable working with you.

Field work and recruiting suppliers

I really enjoyed this. Though I did not have the chance to go in the field and work with suppliers before this blog, I look forward to face-to-face supplier work; the idea of me sharing my knowledge and helping my audience learn is overwhelming.

I really enjoyed calling suppliers that are potential partners for the Developing Country Export Assistance Program (DCEAP). It is because I believe I can be more productive with jobs that are related with people and I am really looking forward to this kind of task.

Gain maturity

This one really moved me and is the most important benefit I received during my internship. I have gained maturity in a sense that I am not just working to earn money for myself. I am working because I am helping others to become productive; I am working so that I can help my family earn a living; I am working to apply what I learned in school to the real professional world; I am working to create a better society.

Sooner or later, you might be a Hinrich Foundation Intern and I promise you that you will also love these things the way I have loved them.

About the Author – Rovin Cincollagas

Rovin Cincollagas

Rovin Cincollagas has been an intern of the Hinrich Foundation from Children International Philippines. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of the City of Manila. He has worked as a Youth Council Member, Community Youth Reporter Co-Facilitator and QZNYouthConnect Microsite Editor-In-Chief for Children International.