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Hinrich scholars meet VF’s leaders

VF Corporation is a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel and footwear as well as the cooperating partner of the Hinrich Foundation.

VF has built and acquired many leading lifestyle brands that excite consumers around the world, including Timberland, North Face, Lee, Vans and more. Using “blending the art and science of apparel” as its formula for success, VF has brought in $11 billion in revenue.

Company tour of VF Asia

Recently, our Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Leader scholars in Hong Kong went on a company tour to VF Asia, which was an invaluable opportunity for our scholars to learn about the company’s culture and working style.

When our scholars arrived at the company office in Kowloon Bay, all of us were welcomed by VF Asia’s HR officers, Ashley and Johnny. After a brief introduction of VF Corporation by Ashley, the VF Asia Vice President of Human Resources, Jacqui Algar, introduced VF Corporation’s supply chain for our scholars.

According to the presentation delivered by Jacqui Algar, the VF Corporation controls more than thirty lifestyle brands. These brands are supported by their strong and integrated supply chain, which allows the VF Corporation to reach a productivity of 15 products per second in its 32 international manufacturing factories.

Jacqui Algar mentioned that VF Corporation’s competitive advantages consist of Global Balance, the 3rd Way and On Time Performance. They are also making an effort to bring VF Corporation from good to great, making “Powerful brands, Powerful platforms, One VF”. At the end of her introduction, Jacqui Algar showed the Asia Sourcing Journey about VF Corporation and VF Associates’ Growth Pyramid for us scholars.

Then, HR officer Ashley led us Hinrich Foundation scholars to visit their offices. There are several floors in the building for different departments and brands held by VF Corporation. We scholars were all attracted by the VF Corporation’s cheerful working environment.

As Ashley explained, each floor or department is decorated by the employees. Some floors are business-style and formal while the others are freely styled. Each floor offers a “lounge” for their employees to take a break, have breakfast and lunch, or even hold a department party.

Moreover, this was the first year the Hinrich Foundation has three scholars who will go on to work for the VF Corporation. They are Miah Ramzan, Allama Mosaddek and Dipti Hassan. So in this company tour, two of them, Ramzan and Mosaddek, gave a presentation for us scholars to share their experience of going to VF Corporation’s factories in Dongguan, China.

Although it was a short factory visit, our HF-VF scholars did a good job in analyzing the production flow, enhancing productivity and reducing wasted materials.

HF-VF Scholar Sharing.

Finally, Nicola Wainwright, Talent Acquisition and Engagement Manager of VF met with our scholars and share her view on career opportunities. For example, Michael Wen, our scholar from Hong Kong Baptist University, asked how someone new to the job market could compete with other candidates in job interviews. Nicola Wainwright shared her point of view in this situation.

At the end of the sharing, Ashley used a video about VF Corporation’s company culture that delivered under a funny format as the end of this wonderful tour.

Real-life application of knowledge

The tour to VF Corporation was an essential experience for our scholars to have an understanding of a successful company. Our scholars (especially those from business-related majors) have a great opportunity to learn from the VF Corporation and better understand how to apply their knowledge from the classroom into real business environments and disciplines such as marketing, human resources and product management.

About the Author – Shengpeng LI (Samgor)

Hinrich scholar - Sam Lee

Li Shengpeng (Samgor) is a current Hinrich Global Trade Scholar from Mainland of China.

Due to his passion in promoting sustainable global trade, he was awarded Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship in 2014 and transferred from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to Hong Kong Baptist Univerisity for further study, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Reading is also his favorite habit. He firmly believes that reading can enrich a person’s knowledge and enhances a person’s competitiveness. With great passion in promoting sustainable global trade, he hopes to work in trade related field upon graduation