We are pleased to enter Stage 2 of Generation.Next CSR “Sell-to-Help” Project. We have to create a channel to sell handicrafts made by Cambodian artisans and so help create jobs for them. Hinrich Foundation provides us with a valuable chance to practice our team working skills. Our team consists of four students from year 1 to year 3 majoring from management to account and finance. Unlike other business competition, we sell to help the Cambodian artisans. It motivates us in another way, we do not sell to make profit for ourselves, but we sell to help, we run our business to help create jobs for them.

Scholar - future leader - Help to Sell
The hand-made linen pouch (left) and the package (right) which contains a mini fishnet jey ring and a heart. We believe we can increase sales by selling products in packages.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Different Pieces, Different People, Different Strengths

Our team is comprised of two Mainland Chinese ladies and two local guys. Every one of us has different strengths and skills. The ladies study account and finance and are good at design so they made the promotion video and manage the financial statements; I love writing and so I write the proposals as well this blog; the other local guy knows more about Hong Kong so he does the market research. This project is like a jigsaw puzzle. Different pieces are in different shape, some are convex while some are concave. We are completing the puzzle by using our skills and compensating one another’s weaknesses.  Unlike other competitions, this project is like running a business and it requires everyone’s involvement. Even though it is still the early stage, we are having fun working as a team already.

CSR: Challenging, Stimulating, Rewarding

CSR originally does not mean that. But personally, it is more likely to be challenging, stimulating and rewarding. One of the challenging part is you have to create a channel to sell the products. Since the selling price is quite high, the idea of selling on campus lacks innovation and is not sustainable as not many students can afford the products. Then we have to get out of the campus. It is not easy to sell the products outside the university as we have to find a place to sell them.

We have spent much time on brainstorming and coming up ideas. From thinking of what, when, where and how we sell, to whom we sell to, our brains are greatly stimulated to produce new ideas. Every meeting we have had is stimulating. For instance, Judy, one of our teammate, proposed the idea of selling “couple package” which contains a linen pouch and two hearts. This idea stimulates us and leads us to where we are – Gift your Love – our slogan, which means you buy the packages (each is wrapped by the linen pouch) as a gift for the people you love.

We are still in the middle of the project but we believe this will be rewarding for us as well as the needy Cambodian artisans. Even though the profit we make will go into donation to them, we still feel very satisfying throughout the project. We all are living in the Global Village and we should help people in need. This project is a great opportunity for us to practice teamwork skills and many other skills; it also allows us to help create jobs for the Cambodians.

About the author – Ho Yin Kevin CHU

Ho Yin Kevin CHU

Ho Yin Kevin CHU, one of the members of Team 2 (Angel in Suits) of this project. He is a year-1 student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is the class representative of BBA (HONS) Management (2014-2018). Helping people, gaining experience, winning the awards, which are internship opportunities and professional training courses, are the main reasons why he joins this project. It is only his first year in university but he thinks it is never late and never to early, as long as you believe you can change your life, change other lives and make it a better world.