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It was a super exciting day! I felt honored to attend the welcome reception for new Hinrich Foundation scholars and alumni and representatives from partner universities and corporations.

Scholars Unite!

Some scholars and I went to the reception directly from Asia World Expo because we had also volunteered at the Hinrich Foundation’s New Sourcing Markets Pavilion at the Global Sources exhibit. It was a long journey, but when we arrived at the party, all our exhaustion was gone. There was a splendid view outside the window.

Hong Kong Hinrich Global Trade Leader welcome reception 1

There were also various kinds of exquisite pastries and delicacies. Partaking of the refreshments offered us the chance to gather and chat. For some, it was their first time to meet other scholars, but everyone became friends right from the start. We talked about our stay in Hong Kong, previous work experiences and future plans. It was so nice to spend time with people who shared the same ambitions I had and worked hard to realize their own dreams.

Meeting Mr. Hinrich

I was excited to meet Mr. Merle Hinrich, Founder of the Hinrich Foundation. I appreciated his support for me and other young people with dreams, so I wanted to say thanks to him in person. I was so happy because we took a photo together.

Hong Kong Hinrich Global Trade Leader welcome reception 2

Mr. Hinrich delivered an inspiring speech about his achievements in international trade; he is still working hard to promote global trade. He presented a certificate and an autographed book to each of the new scholars.

As a future Global Trade Leader of the Hinrich Foundation, I also want to encourage other young people who are enthusiastic about global trade to participate in the Trade Career Development program of the Hinrich Foundation – and achieve their dreams.

Hong Kong Hinrich Global Trade Leader welcome reception 3

We took snapshots that represented learning, fun, creativity and teamwork to encourage future scholars. I hope more and more young people will join us on our growth path and make a difference in international trade.

Hong Kong Hinrich Global Trade Leader welcome reception 4

About the author – Lizzy He

Hong Kong Hinrich Global Trade Leader welcome reception 5

Lizzy is a Global Trade Leader Scholar studying in Hong Kong Baptist University who aspires to become a successful business woman in the future.