Bags come in bright, lively colors and accessories.
Bags come in bright, lively colors and accessories.

Catch up on the latest product trends, including eye-catching colors, materials and designs. The products displayed at the Asia-World Expo are a very good representation of the suppliers’ production capabilities and style direction, which also reflect market needs and wants.

Vibrant colors and multifunctional designs dominate Gifts, Home and Fashion Products Show

Lively and subtle color trends, multipurpose designs, and high-grade materials are the main product qualities featured at the April trade fair organized by Global Sources.

The show is an annual event, usually held from April 27 to 30 at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong. During the exhibition, buyers from around the world personally meet with suppliers from Asia, including mainland China, Vietnam, India and the Philippines.

Color trends

Formal dresses feature breathable fabrics and elaborate beadwork.
Formal dresses feature
breathable fabrics and
elaborate beadwork.

Pantone has released two of their color trends for 2016 – soft focus and bijoux. Soft focus promotes the subtle blending of pastel colors such as pink, peach and tan, especially when juxtaposed with deep brown, gray or gold.

This trend can be seen mostly on fashion accessories, and table and dinnerware. Backpacks come in light blue, pink and yellow with gray or black straps. Wristwatches combine complimentary pastel hues such as peach and black, or purple and yellow.

The second color trend is bijoux, which is the French word for “jewel.” True to its terminology, it highlights reflective tones that are intense and dramatic such as prism pink, amethyst, topaz, amber yellow, taupe and rich gold.

This scheme is mostly seen on products that are made of mosaic tiles, acrylics and resin. Lamps, for example, normally feature glass or seashell dyed with these color combinations. Vases also have metallic finishes of these hues.

Multifunctional designs

Another feature seen on nearly all product lines is versatility. Not only are items functional, but they also double as decor. Examples of this are boxes and trays that also serve as tabletop decor, and wooden chopping boards that come with stands so they can be displayed when not in use. Stools with whimsical floral and animal prints can also be utilized as storage.

Lamps are made of dyed fiberglass or seashell
Lamps are made of dyed
fiberglass or seashel.

Fashion accessories and garments are likewise multipurpose. Necklaces can be looped several times to turn them into bracelets. Backpacks have detachable hoods for rainy days. Skirts and trousers contain secret pockets to hold change and keys.

High-grade materials

Most suppliers are upgrading their components to cater to midrange and upscale markets. Women’s sweaters, for example, adopt grade A cotton with smooth textures and flexibility for better fit. Leather jackets and bags feature genuine cowhide.

Some vases and pots are available in colored fiberglass for durability. Jewelry sets, including necklaces, rings and earrings, can adopt sterling silver with gold accents.

Most of these design and color trends will continue over the next 12 months as suppliers think of more ways to add value to their products. Manufacturers are also focusing on the midrange and high-end segments by offering a combination of complex designs and quality materials. Mai Phuong Anh, the director of Parosy Garments, which participates in the Fashion Products show, said that offering designer-level clothes is their strength.

Through the trade shows, buyers and suppliers can gain insight on how to successfully combine aesthetic and function in products.

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Joy Campilan

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Linh Tran

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