On April 28, 2016, the Hinrich Foundation attended the Hong Kong YWCA bazaar to help sell handmade products of the underprivileged Cambodian workers. Over 20 booths showcased fashions and accessories, electronic products, jewelries, books, and handcrafts.

The Hinrich Foundation aimed to help Cambodian underprivileged workers sell their products, which included handmade silk iPad and iPhone cases, silk ornaments, and unique designed jewelries.

Loveyly handmade gifts from CambodiaMemorable points
Many customers were attracted when they heard that the products were produced by Cambodian underprivileged artisans. They felt interested in knowing that the items were handmade and made of local materials.

Several customers expressed that they had purchased the products from our booth in the previous years, and they were excited to see us again.

Charity purchase is not sustainable

After discussing among our scholars attending the YWCA Bazaar, we found some challenges.

YWCA is a small bazaar that caters only to a few groups of visitors or bueyrs. Other vendors shared the same opinion after we talked to them.

The handmade ornaments for Christmas were saleable during Christmas season, thus most customers did not feel the need to purchase any decorations.

A booth beside ours selling books for children attracted more attention, as they were more practical for their learning. Hence, they paid little attention to the ornaments, which are usually popular among kids.

We encountered some customers who said they had already bought our products in the previous bazaars so they didn’t buy this time.

Better job next time

Though we did not reach the target sales this time, we acknowledged the team’s great effort into the bazaar. And, we aim to do a better job next time! We came up with recommendations to help improve our performance.

Handmade ornaments are usually the most popular products in bazaars, but they are not marketable when it’s not Christmas season. Therefore, we can try to promote other products such as jewelries and bags.

Other than attracting new customers, we also want to attract the old ones. Since we will encounter certain customers, who already bought our products, it would be great if we have our products updated every year. By introducing some new products for each category, we can sell them to our previous buyers.

About the author – Huang Huiying (Ivy)


HUANG Huiying (Ivy) is a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar pursing her third year of BBA degree at Hong Kong Baptist University. She has been a scholar studying Global and China Business since September 2015. Ivy is interested in communicating and promoting trade to improve people’s lives.