“Be genuinely interested in everyone you meet and everyone you meet will be genuinely interested in you”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru

Internship - HF Group Photo
Last month the Hinrich Foundation team Manila joined together at Program Director Alex Boome’s house with yummy Nepali food prepared by Chef Laxm to congratulate Sophorn Huy (Cambodia) for completing her MBA at De La Salle University and to welcome Phonevilay (Laos) and he starts his MSc in Development Communications at UP Los Banos. Also joining them welcome two incoming interns from Children international and a former colleague from Global Sources. Tasty, fun and enjoyable evening.

Exactly, and for our first exposure as an interns, it was a great opportunity to meet the Hinrich Foundation team with Director Alex Boome and his family in a dinner this last September 1st at Global City, Taguig.

Together with Rovin, it was amazing and exciting to think that aside from having my first time going in that place, we will meet new people from other countries and it sounds interesting for another experience because that dinner serves as an acquaintance party for all of us.

We are warmly welcomed and greeted by Boome’s family and his friend Mr. Greg. Earlier that time, 3 scholars from Cambodia and Laos were there when we arrived then after; the rest of the team arrived also, so we start introducing ourselves to each other. That evening, I am so nervous and I don’t know how I will open my mouth to speak with this new set of people but when Mr. Alex initiated the conversation, the whole group started telling their/some stories like; in what places they came from or what type of mode of transportation they used in going to somewhere or how is it beautiful seeing the sunset view at Boome’s place and etc.

Internship - HF Dinner
Everybody is busy with preparing the wonderful and memorable dinner.

The dinner viands was cooked and prepared by Alex’s wife, Laxmi and it has a lot of spices that makes the food more delicious and also our desserts was delicious. During that dinner, we have our toast and the HF team congratulates the graduated scholar from Cambodia, a new scholar from Laos and us, the new interns from Children International Phil’s. We also play some games like Sung-ka (Bantumi) and High-Block Puzzle to have our bonding and to relieve some stress in that long-day.

I’m so grateful to meet this new faces because of the warm welcome they gave to us and the time has come and I have to give back and share my knowledge and experience that I’ve gained in Children Int’l. Phil’s and that evening serves as a stepping stone to look forward for an interesting, exciting and informative experience with Hinrich Foundation.

About the author – Ammiel Brocoy

Ammiel Brocoy

Ammiel Brocoy is a new intern of Hinrich Foundation from Children International Philippines. He has a two year degree in Secretarial Computing and is a former scholar of Helping Overcome Poverty through Education (HOPE) Program. He was a Club Facilitator in Child Social Financial Education, teaching 8 to 13 year-old saving spending, budgeting planning and rights responsibilities. He is also a Community Youth reporter for Children International.