This summer, I was lucky to take the internship in Global Sources Direct in Global Sources. The two-month internship has become a memorable and inspiring experience in my life.

internship - Haoqi Wu - Global Sources
Hot pot dinner in Hong Kong with my managers and colleagues. Pictured from left: Ben, Celeste, Phoebe, Amy, Viola and Michael.

New horizon – new experience

The second I became a member of GSD team, I strongly felt the energy and creativity of this department. Working in Global Sources Direct gave me large exposure to the event management and marketing execution, which makes me very interested in these two areas.

My main job duty was to assist the marketing execution of Startup Launchpad project and the Fishbone crowdfunding project. Startup Launchpad is a startup trade show + conference program, which is mainly for startups, investors, buyers, media and general audience. Fishbone charging station is a product of our department and we launched this product on Kickstarter, a famous crowdfunding platform. In the Fishbone project, I helped do research on bloggers’ contacts.

At the beginning, my tasks were mainly researches. To be honest, it was not very interesting, but I understand that this was necessary as it helped me to have a basic understanding of our department’s main business.

Later, I began to participate in the marketing activities. With the help from Michael and Phoebe, I built the website for Startup Launchpad, which introduces the basic information of Startup Launchpad, and collected visitor/exhibitor/speaker/media registrations. I also edited the promotional video, making 3 separate videos into a 1.5-minute video, adding subtitles to it and posting it on Youku (for mainland audience) and Youtube (for Hong Kong audience). Phoebe and I created the Facebook fan page for Startup Launchpad and managed the Facebook Ads campaign.

I realize that there are many new things at work every day and we need to learn new things quickly. For example, I have not designed a website or managed the Facebook Ads campaign before. But in order to get things done, I needed to learn these skills quickly. I learnt to have an open attitude to new things, embrace uncertainties and identify key information to improve efficiency. In school, there are few uncertainties. We can find answers from books or from teachers. But at work, at many times we need to find the best solution on our own. Therefore, we need to be flexible and be a quick learner.

During the internship, I found that I lacked the multi-tasking skill. When I have 2 or 3 tasks, it was easy for me to handle all of them. But when I got more tasks, it would be hard for me to have control over it and finish all tasks on time. The reason for this, I think, is that my time management is not good enough and I did not allocate the time properly to each task. I will try to improve this by making a schedule for each task, monitor the progress and make adjustments when necessary. When making the schedule for each task, I will allocate some time for each task, so that I will finish a part of each task every day.

I want to sincerely thank my supervisor, Mr. Ben Wong, who always encourages me and helps me, even though I am not experienced enough. During the internship, I realized that three qualities are important and it was great that I got the chance to build up these skills: quick learning, problem solving and cooperation. I also want to thank all managers and colleagues in GSD, who have helped me a lot.

Thank you

It was great that I could spend two months with all these amazing people. I really look forward to working with them again in the future.

About the author – WU Haoqi (Amy)

WU Haoqi

WU Haoqi (Amy) is a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar who studies in Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in Global and China Business. She likes reading, climbing mountains and photography