To welcome Tin Tin, an exchange intern from Thailand, the Hinrich Foundation and Global Sources teams have lunch at Wrap & Roll Restaurant.

Being a part of Hinrich Foundation

Joining the Hinrich Foundation as an Export Consultant Intern seems like “my dream coming true”. My dream as I study in university is to work for a foreign nonprofit organization and I am very grateful to Hinrich Foundation for giving me this valuable opportunity.

I remember very clearly in my Business Communication class when the teacher asked us which type of organization or company we wanted to work for. Most of my classmates wanted to work for private and multinational companies, but I was the only one, yes, I was the only one student that raised my hand and said “I am going to work for a nonprofit organization.”

Thanks to Hinrich Foundation, I can devote myself to the organization’s mission to make the better life for society: promoting sustainable global trade can create more economic value, reduce poverty and inequality and preserve the natural resources. To me, working for a nonprofit organization is a big honor.

Professional working style

The first impression that I had on the first day of my internship is the professional email writing style. As an Export Consultant Intern in Developing Country Export Assistance Program Vietnam, I have a chance to work with high-level sales such as Sales Manager, Export Marketing Manager and CEO in person and via email. Hence, business email needs to be extremely formal. With the sweet and enthusiastic support from my supervisors, Han and Ly helped me check the email content and template as well as trained me on how to write a professional business email.

I have also had interesting experiences in direct training meetings with suppliers, introducing the Hinrich Foundation and inviting suppliers to join the Developing Country Export Assistance Program (DCEAP) via phone. It was like drawing an art painting. I have to speak gently, confidently and persuasively with a positive attitude to make suppliers see the prospective picture of joining DCEAP program and its benefits.

After setting up face-to-face meetings with suppliers, I and Ly (an Export Consultant), had training meetings at their factories or offices. By visiting their factories, I learned more about real exporting world besides school, Vietnam is so powerful in exporting handicraft products with skillful artisans who are always able to work out new techniques to make competitive products.

Multi-tasking and deadline-oriented working style

At the Hinrich Foundation, the staff are very hard-working and very open-minded. Working here, I have learned to complete many tasks in tight deadlines even when another task is assigned to you while you are working on the first task. At first, this made me very confused because I did not know how to finish several tasks at the same time and choose which task to take priority.

Thanks to Han’s advice, she showed me a graph which has two variables: urgency and importance. Then I will decide the tasks including in which category: high urgency (high importance, high urgency), low importance (low urgency, high importance) and low urgency (low importance, low urgency). It is easier for me based on this graph to decide which task should be finished first and next.

The next notable impression about my internship at the Hinrich Foundation is the deadline-oriented working style. Every member has their own tasks, responsibilities and the whole organization members are closely connected to each other through emails, video calls for meeting, discussion and cooperation.

It is highly important to complete the task in time so that no delay occurs. Submitting the task by deadline will ensure the whole system to run smoothly, effectively and productively. It is necessary that I should ask about the deadline for the task from the beginning so that I can arrange which task should be worked on first.

Warm and happy as a second family

Working for the Hinrich Foundation is the most precious time that I have ever had. I am very honored to participate in team lunches and dinners with Alex, the Program Director at Hinrich Foundation.

Moreover, the multinational working environment at the foundation enables me to make new friends from different cultural backgrounds. I had a chance to meet Tin Tin, an exchange intern from Thailand. Tin Tin and our team had lunch at a Vietnamese traditional restaurant and shared personal experiences and cultural stories together. How happy it was!

Thanks to all members of the Hinrich Foundation for giving me unforgettable experience. The foundation’s working style is extremely professional, challenging and open-minded. The higher effective performance you have, the more value you create. If I have a mistake, supervisors will help me correct it and I easily grasp and improve from that mistake the next time.

The Hinrich Foundation has taught me a big lesson that is: “To be successful, the first thing to do is giving your passion into your daily work.” by Sister Mary Lauretta. I am proud to say that now I have been falling in love with my job as an Export Consultant Intern. How honorable I am!

About the Author – Luong Nguyen Anh Nhu (Natalie)

Luong Nguyen Anh Nhu (Natalie)

Natalie is a current student at Vietnam National University majoring in International Business. Up to present, she has been an export consultant intern for the Hinrich Foundation for two months.

Due to her passion in promoting sustainable global trade and devoting her best efforts to help Vietnam develop further, she wants to work in a challenging environment like the Hinrich Foundation.

She enjoys learning new languages and is pursuing French as her third language.