Internship-Past papers for the TEM8 that Michael has done for preparation for the test

Past papers for the TEM8 that Michael has done for preparation for the test

“What is The ‘M’ Days? Is it a new rock band?”

“No, ‘M’ is the capital letter of a word.”

“What word?”


But thank you!

Let me explain

Last weekend, I went back to my prior university – Guang Dong University of Foreign Studies in mainland China to take the exam called the “Test for English Majors Grade 8” (TEM 8). How important is this test that I have to spare a weekend to go back to mainland to take it? Please allow me to give a very brief introduction about it.

Only those students that are majoring in English are eligible to take this test and passing this test successfully is equivalent to dropping a perfect full stop for your undergraduate study in English. Throughout one’s life time, he or she is only allowed to take this test twice. One can take it for the first time during the final year of study and the second chance is the year right after one’s graduation.

Before taking such an important test, preparation is a must. Unlike my friends in my prior university who only train to take the exam in their final year, I am occupied with classes every day, bombarded with midterm exams, presentations, honor project for Hong Kong Baptist University and my thesis for GDUFS, not to mention some tasks as a scholar. But I still managed to finish a few past papers and read a guidance book for the exam. With confidence, I walked in the exam venue with a smile on my face, decorated with nervousness. I walked out of the exam venue with tears, not in my eyes but in my mind. I knew my test is anything but satisfactory.

Facing challenges and thanks for the experience

I spent a night figuring out why the test was that bad. My friends came up with the very cute nickname “M.M.”, which is an acronym for “Michael the Miserable”. They gave me this name because the recent period of time had been a bit difficult (people will prefer to use the word “unlucky” instead) for me. But instead of complaining and grumbling, I would like to say thank you for all that I have been through.

Thank you TEM8, you taught me that success would not come without the present of hard work and devotion. You taught me that if somebody relies on luck when he or she goes for the exams, he or she is doomed to be failed. Because luck, (the naughty boy) can always go out playing, to leave you there taking the exam on your own.

Thank you poor class scores. You taught me the lesson that success will not come without hard work and devotion, but success will not come even with hard work and devotion. Sometimes when you fail, it is not because you have not worked hard for it. You can fail because you cannot think, you do not have a clear mind during the exam due to the lack of sleep before the exam; you can fail because you fail to notice some detail specified condition of the question due to your carelessness; you can fail even due to teacher’s carelessness when marking your papers. You might have to admit that our naughty boy is out there having fun again.

Standing on your own

Thank you my respectable teachers in GDUFS. You kindly gave me the general truth that in the society – nobody is there with the duty to help you. You made me aware that not every teacher is there to help students, just like not every governor is there to be a voice for his citizens as they claim to be.

Thank you my dear honor project tutor. You showed me the importance of judging, the importance of judging genuine advice offered, even by those whom will mark your performance. One cannot blindly follow someone else’s advice simply because that somebody is more experienced or more significant than you are. One must possess the ability of critical thinking and think before acting.

Thank you my partner. You taught me the importance of making choices. One must be responsible for his own choices, no matter if right or wrong. One shall enjoy the achievement brought by a wise choice and one shall bear all the consequence and take up the responsibility to amend the unwise choice. For example, finishing the task which is supposed to be finished by two people on your own.

Valuable life lessons

Thank you this year of pain and year of gain. Thank you all the failures, all the mistakes. You gave me a heavy punch on my head, waking me up from my naïve illusion. I am not smarter than anyone, I am not luckier than anyone and I did not work harder than anyone. How can I expect that I deserve better than anyone? Awake from the unrealistic expectations, I will keep on working hard and even harder and pray for a little bit luck to end my “M” days. I still believe I will be successful.

About the Author – Wen Shunru (Michael)

Wen Shunru (Michael)

Wen Shunru, Michael is a Hinrich Global Trade Scholar pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing at Hong Kong Baptist University. He had his summer internship in VF Asia Shanghai Asia Sourcing Office. He will be graduating in 2015.