“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” –Milton Berie.

I have whispered this quote over and over in my mind often. Four years ago, while I worked in Human Resources for a Japanese Firm, I continued to develop my passion for the field of marketing by contributing to online marketing projects.

Education team's information session
Phuong Duong assists the Education team’s information session.

The road leading to the Hinrich Foundation
While freelancing, I was very excited to consult on several projects for an advertising agency. I enjoyed creating new and challenging opportunities for myself. I also worked diligently to find another position where I could utilize my experience in marketing and human resources.

In December, when I first applied to Hinrich Foundation’s job posting on VietnamWorks, I was surprised when I saw there were already 79 other applicants. My application was number 80. I thought to myself “Who knows what will happened next? If they give me an opportunity, I will give them top results.”

Time flew by. I felt desperate when I did not receive a call from the Hinrich Foundation, assuming I had failed the initial screening round.

However, on the last day of January, I received a phone call from the Hinrich Foundation. During the call, I was informed I had passed the initial screening round and was invited back for a second interview. It was such great news! No words could describe my happiness. I believed if I tried my best and never gave up, opportunity would open its door.

After two rounds of interview, I believed that I showed my abilities and experience were a good fit for the Foundation’s requirements and culture.

Finally after much anticipation, the interview results came by phone call from the Hinrich Foundation. They announced I had passed the interview and wanted to send me an offer letter. Yes, I got the job! A new road leading to many doors providing me with challenging new opportunities.

Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association with Phuong Duong
Phuong Duong with the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association.

Wonderful work and amazing friends
So far, I have been working two months with Hinrich Foundation. Everything here has been a dream.

My new journey has presented me with many benefits and opportunities. The working environment is amazing. People have welcomed me warmly since my first day. There are endless opportunities to talk and collaborate with my colleagues.

I was trained by the colleagues who I now consider my friends. Everyone in the office is very enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable. Words cannot describe how helpful and supportive everyone has been in making my job transition smooth. This opportunity has helped me become more flexible and proactive professionally.

I have worked with both marketing and human resources. They have allowed me to be creative, empowered me to make decisions, given constructive evaluations and respected my personal ideas.

I have grown significantly in just a short time with this organization. I’m constantly learning and improving my skills. It is a new journey, but I believe that through this opportunity given to me by the Hinrich Foundation, I can continue to develop myself. I can see myself growing into positions with even more responsibility. I believe the Hinrich Foundation will continue to help me improve and allow me to realize my goals in the future.

A tree of life goals
Life gives us many choices, but only you can decide. No matter how correctly or incorrectly you choose, find the best way to reach your goals.

After many years of opening different doors, I am proud to say I have found my ideal workplace and dream job with Hinrich Foundation. The most important thing is to never give up your dream, build a tree of goals for life and gradually reduce the distance from planning to realization. It’s the first step that counts, but what will be, will be.

About the author – Phuong Duong

Phuong Duong

Phuong Duong  is the Scholarship Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator for the Hinrich Foundation in Vietnam. She oversees all scholarship marketing activities and the full scholar recruitment process. Her passion in both fields drives her to reach even more potential candidates to aid scholars, universities and the Foundation’s mission of aid through trade.