Indonesia has been known as an important source of low to high end leather products in Asia. The country has long experience in leather preparation and manufacture. The industry is capable to accept orders in small quantities, allowing suppliers to receive trust in producing buyer-specified designs.

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A workshop staff member monitors a machine during production process.

One of those suppliers is Jabruzz Fashion, which was founded in 2014 by Ahmad Najmul Maarij. It is based in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. “Jabruzz”  is not a word with any meaning attached to it. It is just a spontaneous yell of a friend that has been echoing in Maarij’s mind and eventually chosen as a brand name.

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Mr. Ahmad Najmul Maarij, owner of Jabruzz Fashion.

At first, Maarij was offered by a friend to be a reseller of leather accessories. He then joined a craftsmen community and created a business website to sell online.  This leads to the initial expansion of business throughout the region.

Jabruzz Fashion offers cowhide and exotic products from snake and stingray that are bred by local. Snake skin has an abstract geometric pattern. Cowhide has smooth texture, is durable and can last for decades. Stingray leather has a unique granular pattern that makes it instantly recognizable. It is  resistant to fire, usually small compared to traditional leather sources and other exotic hides such as from crocodile and ostrich. The unique patterns, coloring, and texture of stingray make its products highly sought after and more expensive than those made of cowhide.

The company’s products vary from key wallets, purses, bracelets, bags and belts. It minimizes its material costs as they are widely available in Java Island. Most of products are handmade, which makes it extremely difficult to find exact same products. Each product has different types of sewing stitches, textures and thickness. Usually on stingray products, colors can be faded. Jabruzz offers six-month warranty to repaint the product.

Jabruzz’s products have been distributed throughout outlets in Indonesia, such as Jambi in Sumatera, Semarang in Central Java, Malang and Surabaya in East Java. It also has delivered a number of cowhide bracelets to Hong Kong.

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Leather bracelets made from stingray, snake and cow are displayed at Hong Kong trade show in April 2016.

Joining the Export Assistant Program of the Hinrich Foundation has been a good decision for Maarij, who looks forward to expand Jabruzz’s market through online platform, get more networks and overseas buyers.  In April this year, Jabruzz participated in Hong Kong trade show. It showcased its fashion products that include bracelets made of leather from stingray, cow and snake. Maarij hopes the business will grow so that it continues to contribute to local economy and benefit the community.

About the author – Emerela Puspita


Emerela is an Export Consultant for Hinrich Foundation based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She works closely with local exporters for the Export Assistance Program of the Foundation.

She got her Master of Business Administration from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia and a Bachelor in Economics and Management from Pancasila University in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Equipped with her international experiences, she fully supports Indonesia suppliers to advance and promote sustainable global trade.