Online report features verified suppliers offering handcrafted wooden home decor, religious art, tableware and gift items, plus details on product pricing and supply market trends

Laos wooden crafts

VIENTIANE, LaosThe Hinrich Foundation released the Laos Sourcing Report: Wooden Crafts 2017 with the support of its partner in export development, Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL).

The online report offers import buyers websites of verified suppliers and profiles wooden home decor, religious art, tableware and gift items. It also features an overview of the industry, new product features, price guides and export data. PDFs of each section are available to download for free online.

Report highlights wooden crafts showcasing Laos’ culture

Laos artisans are adept at creating wooden statues that depict the local culture and those of neighboring countries. This is most apparent in the selection of religious art, where carvings of Buddha, Kuan Yin and other figures in Buddhism are common.

Besides religious art, wooden crafts from Laos include carvings of indigenous flora and fauna, as well as those found in Thailand, China and other countries in Asia. The “Pixiu,” a creature resembling a winged lion in Chinese mythology, is among those often depicted.

In tableware, the selection comprises plain round, rectangular and square designs, as well as novelty shapes and pieces featuring intricately carved details.

Some suppliers are expanding their product range to include items that will fit the contemporary lifestyle. Wooden cases for smartphones, name cards, lighters and cigarettes are some of the releases in this category.

Suppliers and products

Established in 2013, C-King Handicraft specializes in wood carving and woodturning. Its products include home decor, religious art, tableware and gift items made of padauk, Burmese rosewood, and black and white ebony. Among the company’s latest releases is the Duo Tea Cup model, a tea set consisting of two flower-shaped cups and a stand. The tea set is made of solid black and white ebony with a natural finish.

Another supplier, Houngchaleun Handicraft, offers home decor, tableware and religious art made of kingwood, rosewood, bocote, and black and white ebony. One of its newest products is a handcrafted fruit tray that comes in padauk wood or black and white ebony.

Laos Design Company, established in 2015, produces home decor and religious art made of hardwood such as padauk. Its selection includes carvings of Buddha in various poses and animals such as horses, tigers and the Asian arowana.

Established in 2009, Phetsamone Handicraft offers wooden home decor, religious art and tableware made of ebony, sandalwood, rosewood and padauk wood. Among the company’s products are sandalwood and rosewood figures of Kuan Yin sitting or standing.

The report further shows:

– Makers use domestically sourced wood. Timber can be sourced from across the country, but most come from the provinces of Salavan, Xekong, Sayaboury and Luang Prabang.

– There are no official statistics on Laos’ wooden craft exports, but data extracted from DESA/UNSD, United Nations Comtrade database show that in 2015, Laos exported about $2.1 million worth of wooden frames for paintings, mirrors and similar objects; tableware and kitchenware; cases for jewelry and cutlery; and other ornaments.

– Japan was the top importer of these wooden crafts in 2015, accounting for nearly $1.4 million. The other main markets were Thailand, China and the US.

Laos Sourcing Report: Wooden crafts 2017 is one of a series of online Sourcing Reports covering emerging Asia supply markets. A full version of the report can be viewed online here.

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Sourcing from Laos buyer’s guide

To help buyers new to Laos sourcing, the Hinrich Foundation has prepared a guide that provides an overview of the industries and products available.

Buyers will also learn how to find and evaluate reliable suppliers, available banking options, common methods of payment, shipping details and steps to avoid or settle trade disputes.

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