I consider myself fortunate for having the unique opportunity to work with Global Sources for 15 years and now with Hinrich Foundation as content integration & marketing consultant commencing February 2016.

Even while I was deeply immersed in Global Sources’ Editorial and Client Service Center departments for nearly half of my life, the thought of working with and for the Foundation strikes a chord in me. I realize something is connected to me in some way – Global Sources helped me through my college education via scholarship and I want to pay it forward. By contributing to the Foundation’s focus on export trade assistance allows me to do just that.

The Hinrich Foundation editorial team gets support from Global Sources team members in producing the Philippine Sourcing Guide eBook. From L-R: Lorie Cascaro, HF copy editor; Luisa Mamaradlo, GS content editor; Megan Thomas, HF content manager; Carmela delos Santos, HF content integration & marketing consultant; Jommel Ramos, GS Senior Production Supervisor; and Agnes Batallones, HF graphic artist.

Making the Philippine Sourcing Guide eBook

Fast forward to March 2016, our program director, Alex Boome, tasked me to manage the project converting Sourcing From country guides on the Online Developing Country Sourcing website (oDCS) into easy-to-read, downloadable eBooks using the Global Sources format and platform.

Instead of mirroring what is available on oDCS and getting it placed on the Global Sources website, our approach is to convert the online country guides content PDFs with condensed text and infographics to make the content more current and SEO-friendly.

It was a pleasurable experience overseeing the collaboration between Hinrich Foundation’s editorial and marketing teams, and Global Sources’ production, digital marketing and community development teams in producing Sourcing From The Philippines, the first in our series of country sourcing guides written for buyers new to sourcing outside China.   

Amid the challenge of putting together the eBook within two weeks, the positive work attitude and synergy among the team members involved allowed us to deliver the project on time, and distribute it to our network of buyers, suppliers and trade associations last March 30, 2016.

What I learned, too, is that the healthy working relationships I developed with my former GS colleagues were a big plus. And this lesson is not just about work as a whole or this eBook project in general – it is applicable to everyday life situations.

The production for Vietnam, India and Indonesia eBooks is underway this April, and we look forward to doing the same for Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia in May. There are many other exciting projects lined up for oDCS-GSOL content integration in the coming months, and I look forward to sharing them with the Hinrich Foundation community through this blog as they unfold.

About the author – Carmela delos Santos

Carmela delos Santos

Carmela delos Santos is Content Integration & Marketing Consultant of the Hinrich Foundation, mainly responsible for formulating and managing the integration of current and new content from oDCS to GSOL with the Hinrich Foundation and Global Sources editorial teams.

She has 15 years of solid experience in business-to-business editorial and advertorial writing for both print and online platforms of Global Sources.

Carmela was a Global Sources scholar from the De La Salle University-Manila, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts in 2000.