It was my second time attending American Chambers’ (AmCham’s) event, and to be honest, I immensely enjoyed myself.

Sunil with Mr. George Yeo

The speaker this time was Mr. George Yeo, who is the chairman of Kerry Logistics Network, Singapore’s former Trade and Industry and Foreign Affairs Minister and the Chancellor of Nalanda University in India, which is considered the oldest learning institution globally.

He spoke about the subject, “Cross-border Trade and Shifts in Regional Manufacturing between South China and ASEAN,” on which he emphasized on sustainable global trade (also HF’s main goal). He said that that if the trade between the countries was good, it would overcome all barriers and eventually convert it to a partnership.

He also mentioned that other ASEAN countries including Laos and Cambodia had changed rapidly to attract business from China and that because of this, the simple manufacturing jobs in China would be shifted to these countries.

Myanmar will also be playing a great role in the coming years because of its location between China and India. China, in fact, is eager to invest in its infrastructure if the relations improve with the formation of new government in Myanmar.

China and India are expected to be the largest economies by 2050, while Africa is also an emerging sourcing hub for those looking for lower labor costs.

Widening circles

Attending these talks made me realize how connected people are. During the event, I saw two men wearing VF Corporation (VF) badges and I knew had to talk to them, being an HF-VF global trade leader scholar myself. It turns out they are VPs in different operations at VF Hong Kong and were very glad to see me in the event.

I also saw a well-known supply chain consultant who gave us a lecture at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is undeniably a busy man, and it was exciting talking to him again at the event. I even saw him writing notes, which he would probably use in his next lecture at the university or at another company.

Overall, it was really good to see familiar faces in the event. Not only had I had the chance to widen my perspective and even my circle in these events, but I had also learned things from people that would probably never be found in any book.

I can’t wait for the next one.

About the author – Sunil Bishnoi 

Sunil Bishnoi

Sunil is an HF – VF Corp Global Trade Leader Scholar pursuing his master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Prior to this, he worked as an export consultant for three years at the Hinrich Foundation in India and also worked for Reebok in its footwear research and development center for more than two years.

Sunil has a degree in business administration and footwear technology.