Founded in 2004, the Doma Vina Production Trading Company has been manufacturing and exporting origami gifts since 2007. This is another kind of origami art, the Japanese traditional one called 3D origami. Our main product material is colored, corrugated paper. Eighty percent of our total outputs is exported. Europe is our main market, accounting for 70 percent of overseas shipments. Germany is the key destination there, while the rest is taken up by the countries in Asia Pacific Region, including Japan, Malaysia and Australia. Fifty percent of orders are made under OEM basis.

Domavina 1
Christmas party table setting decorated with Doma Vina’s paper ornaments.

Started by a small family company, Doma Vina has been confident to compete with many overseas suppliers. After many years of development, we now have made more than 200 designs of paper gifts and toys in various product categories such as animal-shaped products, Christmas ornaments, etc.

We are a member of Handicraft & Wood Industry Association of Ho Chi Minh City and have participated in various domestic exhibitions like Vietnam Expo, Hanoi Gift Show and Vietnam Lifestyle for many years.

Advantages of being a Vietnamese handicraft exporter

In Vietnam, we have many advantages in manufacturing handicraft products. We have skillful workers and lower labor costs than other countries in Southeast Asia and China, not to mention, we also have stable politics, abundant natural resources and a young and skillful labor force, factors that are what many foreign importers are looking for.Our main material is paper, which has helped us stay competitive since it is a environment-friendly material that is not harmful to human health.


As a small manufacturer with an average production capacity of 10,000 pieces per month, we need many skilled workers because our products need skillful and patient handiwork. But we could not hire all our workers full-time at our factory due to limited financial resources, so most of our workers are persons with disabilities, students who can work part-time after school, and housewives who can work part-time at home.

We also have difficulty employing qualified designers, since the cost of employing professional designers is really high, so now, all of our designs are made by freelance designers.

Another difficulty we have is sourcing materials. We need to import materials at a relatively high cost. This is really a disadvantage.


To compete with international suppliers, especially those from China and other countries in Southeast Asia where labor costs and prices are very competitive, we need to strengthen our marketing strategy online to promote products internationally and sell bulk products online.

One of our solutions now is joining a free online marketing program through Global Sources Online with the support of the Hinrich Foundation, which we hope will help us have more inquiries and export orders.

Since we have joined Hinrich Foundation’s export assistance program, we have had more chances to promote our paper craft products to overseas buyers and received at least two inquiries per month. We have got one order from Germany, although the order value is not large and not our expected result. However, this free export assistance program provides a valuable chance for us to promote our products online. We believe that we will have more orders in the future, sell bulk products online and create more jobs for our freelance workers.

About the author – Khuong Nguyen

About the author - Khuong Nguyen

Khuong Nguyen is the Export Assistant for the Director of Doma Vina Production Trading Company.