In early May 2015, I saw a scholarship notice  in my Facebook account and I read and researched about scholarship. I thought it was a good scholarship because I could get a good job with  adidas Supplier after I graduated. That’s why I applied and about two weeks later I received a phone call from the Hinrich Foundation for the date of a writing examination at the Cambodia Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC).

Hinrich scholar

Tola Ean has dinner with Cambodian and Burmese Scholars Bopha and Taung. Photo credit: Vuthy

How did Tola Ean notice about the scholarship which was co-sponsored by Hinrich Foundation and adidas suppliers?
The examination was very hard because all the exercises were related to engineering and there were a lot of questions related management. The examination  ended and I felt regret because I did not complete some of question and exercise. However, I always motivated myself that the result had not been released and I had not lost mychance yet”.

One month later, I got a phone call from Choun Pheakdey, my friend when I studied at university who also had an exam . He told me he passed his examination. I was really happy for his result but I was anxious about my result and I thought I might fail because I did not receive any call or mail.

I kept waiting and calmed down with my new self-motivation that today I lose this chance but next time I will get it. Fortunately, the next day in the afternoon, I received an email that I passed my examination. I was really surprised and I read the mail again and again because I thought it was a dream. But it was not a dream . I called to my mum with my special news and she was really happy.

The day for flying to the interview came and I felt great because it was the first time for me to see the big world. When I arrived in Vietnam, I was very satisfied with the warm welcome from Hinrich Foundation team in  Vietnam and to meet the Vietnam and Myanmar candidates. I felt confident and got ready for my interview.

Hinrich scholar Tola Ean
Tola Ean and Pheakdey. Photo credit: Bopha.

When I stepped into the interviewing room, I felt nervous because I had never sat in front of six interviewers with many questions related work experience, management employee methods and future plan in five years. After the interviewed, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Myanmar candidates enjoyed lunch and walked around Ho Chi Minh city. It was a great time to relax with a nice view and talk together.

After a few days, I received a mail from Vietnam LOHR to congratulate me on the result of my first round interview and  invite me tothe second round.

Amazing encounter with Alex Boome, program director at Hinrich Foundation
One day before the second round, I had a chance to meet Alex Boome (Program Director of Hinrich Foundation) with my other Myanmar friends and he asked some questions related to the Hinrich Foundation and Adidas for making us feel fresh and confident for the second round.

During the second round, we were separated to work in groups and each group had six people to discuss different topics and then present our ideas and share our experiences in front of our co-sponsor and then  respond to question from candidates and co-sponsors. After we did our presentation, we had to wait for the final result. Fortunately, I was the one of successful candidates. I was extremely happy.

To reach this point, it was very hard and happy time for me because I had to go through a long process. I have received a lot of new knowledge and experiences from all candidates and co-sponsor.

I would like to say thank you to all that gave me a chance to study for a master’s degree at VGU because it is my dream to study abroad, improve my knowledge and see the new world.

About the author – Tola Ean

Hinrich scholar Tola Ean 2

Tola was a mechanical engineer at Cambrew Ltd. in Cambodia in 2015. He is now Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Leader Scholar studying . Global Production Engineering and Management at Vietnamese-German University.