A few months ago, I found the Hinrich Global Trade Leadership Scholarship information on a job website. A few days later, I did research about the scholarship and found out it was really great because the program, Global Production Engineering and Management at Vietnamese-German University, was sponsored by Adidas partners where I would start my career upon my successful graduation. I thought it was a good opportunity. So I applied immediately and waited for contact from foundation.

Hinrich scholar - Bopha Eung
Dinning out with Cambodian and Burmese Scholars Tuang and Tola. Photo credit: Nyi Nyi Han

A few weeks later, I got contact from the foundation and had an exam at the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC). It was the most surprising exam I had ever had before. I called it a “mixed exam”. There were a lot of questions on general topics from chemistry, physics, the arts, and more. After taking the exam, all candidates were informed the result would be announced at the end of June. I anxiously kept waiting for the result every day. Unfortunately, June was gone, yet I had not been contacted about the result. I thought I had failed already. A while later, I got a surprising confirmation that I had passed. I screamed out and I thought I was dreaming. But it was not a dream.

Hinrich scholar 2 - Bopha EungWhen I took the flight for the interview, I was freaking out. All the candidates got round trip tickets and other costs and expenses during the interview process paid by the foundation. Moreover, I was very satisfied with the warm welcome from the Hinrich Foundation team in Vietnam and the Vietnamese candidates. I felt confident and was ready for the interview.

It was a new experience to be interviewed by a four- person panel . All the questions they asked were good questions which made  me think deeply about problems I had never considered before. After the interview the Cambodian, Burmese and Vietnamese candidates enjoyed lunch together and we had a nice walk and visited some impressive places nearby the interview compound. It was a happy time to relax , have a  good talk and have fun together. We came back to our home country and waited for the results.

Within one week, I was informed that I passed and would come for the second round. During the second round, we were guided to discuss on our selected topic, expressed our ideas, and share our experience, as we all had different backgrounds. We also had the opportunity to learn from our own team and the others. We did the presentation in front of our co-sponsors and all candidates. We then received questions from Adidas suppliers and candidates.

Again, I waited for the final results. During our waiting, we had a good talk amongst the candidates. Some candidates had to say sorry and good bye as some of us would be selected for the scholarship but not all. I was  one of the successful candidates. We had a small talk with our co-sponsors after receiving the result and had group photos. I was so delighted.

Through these processes, I learned a lot from all the candidates, team members, interviewersand foundation facilitators who changed the nervous atmosphere into a smiling one.

I am ready to get this chance to pursue my master’s degree at a well-known university, VGU and will start my real life journey. It is time to learn to live alone. It was unforgettable moment for me to join this scholarship program and work with Cambodian, Burmese and Vietnamese candidates. I would like to say thank you so much for everything.

About the author – Bopha Eung

Hinrich scholar - about the author - Bopha Eung

Bopha was a computer teacher at an international school in Cambodia in 2015. She is now a Hinrich Global Trade Leadership Scholar studying Global Production Engineering and Management at Vietnamese-German University.