Hinrich Foundation Global Trade scholars (from left to right) Sophie HE, Pragya Bhatnagar and a HF partner in Cambodia, Nick, prepare the booth display at the Conrad bazaar on Nov 22.

A good quote says, “People will remember your stories before they remember your sales pitch.” The truth is that it works everywhere.

We, the Hinrich Foundation scholars, proved it right during the Gifts and Lifestyle Fair on Nov. 21-22 at the Grand Ballroom, Conrad in Hong Kong. We sold various handmade products made by underprivileged and disabled persons from Cambodia, including shoulder bags, purses, silk wine holder, iPad and iPhone cases, key rings, and Christmas ornaments.

We always started our sales pitch by telling stories of the artisans who made those products. A lot of people buy our products every year, as they want to partake in helping the disadvantaged people in Cambodia.


The loyal customer, Alka S. Panwar bought some X’mas gifts from the Hinrich Foundation booth at the Conrad Hotel fair Nov. 29, as she wished to buy some more in the upcoming Dec. 8 & 14 bazaars. And fashion accessories showcase the craftsmanship of disabled artisans from Cambodia.

One of the customers, Danielle, said she and her family visited the bazaar every year, without missing the foundation’s booth to get something from Cambodia.

Since 2010, the foundation has participated in an annual charity bazaar held in Conrad, one of the most deluxe residential properties in Hong Kong. Under its Export Assistance Program Cambodia, the foundation helps small and medium enterprises and encourages hopes in communities.

Thanks to the strategic location, hundreds of people came to see various types of items, such as food and beverages, jewelries, fashion accessories and clothes, among others.


There is a growing concern, however, about our space in the bazaar, as we only got half of a table where we displayed the products… Our movements were limited and we could not perform well.

While we all did a pretty good job during the first day, it will be much better if all participating scholars get a briefing before the event. In this way, everyone can tell the stories and make good sales in the light of helping more artisans in Cambodia.

“I wanted to have a hands-on experience in event like this,” said Pragya, a Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholar. We are more than willing to help in this kind of social activities.


About the author – Rico Dwi Nugrahatama

Rico Dwi Nugrahatama

Rico Dwi Nugrahatama is a Hinrich Global Trade Scholar, taking up MA in International Journalism Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Before joining HF, he worked for a U.S. development organization, Mercy Corps, as a Consultant. He also did project-based work for the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) Learning Forum in Semarang, Indonesia. It was attended by 100 international participants from over 20 countries, in partnership with Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, and many international donors.