Nepal, a tiny sovereign landlocked nation sandwiched between giant neighboring countries India and China, officially announced a new constitution on September 20, 2015. After an intense political tussle that paved way for the declaration of this new constitution, hope for a stable government and economic prosperity among Nepalese emerged.Pray for Nepal

However, with the ongoing Terai unrest and the subsequent trade blockade imposed by India, hope for a stable government was shattered. Since Nepal shares a border with India in three directions, East, West and South, this blockade has greatly affected the daily lives of Nepali citizens.

Currently, there is a shortage of basic necessities in the country, including petroleum products, gas and medicine among others. Only around 10- to 15- percent of vehicles are running in the streets because of the severe scarcity of petroleum products, which has even caused some to take advantage of the situation. The standard price of petrol is around NPR 104 per liter, but people are willing to pay as high as NPR 700 per liter. The amount of petrol is, however, still not enough to meet the needs of everyone. International airlines, meanwhile, have been asked to refuel gas in other ports.

Schools and colleges have closed as well, since school administrators are not in a position to provide transportation facility and since there are only few public transportation vehicles available. Similarly, most restaurants have also closed because of the shortage of petroleum gas, greatly damaging the country’s tourism industry.

The entire manufacturing industry, including the health sector, has also been affected by the crisis, since most of them are running out of basic supplies and need fuel to keep their business running. Our own Export Assistance Program suppliers are also having a tough time fulfilling their orders on-time because of raw material shortage. Production has been completely halted, and suppliers are eagerly waiting for the removal of the blockade to get back to business and make up for their losses.

Let’s hope everything will be sorted, so everyone can get back to their normal lives soon.

Pray for Nepal!

Pray for Nepal

Pray for Nepal
Queue of cargo trucks in India border waiting to enter Nepal
Pray for Nepal
Queue of cooking gas in Nepal

About the author – Gabish Joshi

Gabish Joshi - author

Gabish is based in Kathmandu as an Export Consultant for the Hinrich Foundation. He is responsible for further advancing the organization’s mission through Developing Country Export Assistance Program.

He has more than a decade professional experience in International trade. Prior joining the Hinrich Foundation, he worked as an export head for a fair trade organization in Nepal. Besides this, he has also worked for a fair trade organization in New York. He has participated in major international trade shows in Europe, North America and Asia.

Gabish has a Master’s degree in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Equipped with his robust, real life experiences including international exposures, he is determined to fully support Nepali suppliers to advance and promote sustainable global trade.