On the International day of Happiness, the happiness of 11 Hinrich Foundation (HF) scholars is exponentially multiplied when they paid an eye-opening visit to Global Sources (GS) office and Launch factory, a partner of GS, in Shengzhen, mainland China.

Hinrich scholars in Global Sources's office
Eleven HF scholars with Corol Deng, Head of GS’s Human Resources Department (fifth person from left) and James Gong (the first person, second row from right) from GS’s Community Development Department. (Photo by Bun Sophal)
Eleven HF scholars in front of factory in Shengzhen
Eleven HF scholars in front of Launch factory in Shengzhen, Mainland China. (Photo by Bun Sophal).

Fruitful Launch factory visit

In the morning, scholars had a good chance to visit the factory precinct of Launch, a company specialized in developing smart devices and digital platform for automobile maintenance.

It is a great pleasure for HF to listen to the two interesting and informative presentations by Launch Marketing Manger and Engineering Manager at a well-equipped and spacious conference hall.

“The factory trip provides me some unique ideas in the current industry trend – mobile apps and e-media,” said Suri Huang, a mainland Chinese scholar.

HF scholars and HF alumni who are working for GS
HF scholars with HF alumni who are working for GS at a restaurant in Shengzhen, Mainland China. (Photo by Bun Sophal).

 Cheerful luncheon with HF alumni

After Launch factory’s tour, 11 current HF scholars had a cheerful and sumptuous luncheon with six HF alumni cum current GS workers who got the HF global trade scholarship.

During the lunch, HF scholars talked and shared with each other about their work and study. This helps connect the members of HF scholars team together closely and enhance the good relationships among them.

“Meeting with our Hinrich alumni was one of the unique opportunities for us to learn how they are working in the industry and what their perspectives are on current market context,” said Myat May Zin, a Myanmar scholar.

“I am quite moved by the HF Alumni’s spirits today. We help each other and share with each other. There is an implicit bond among us towards the same commitment,” Suri said.

“Thanks the alumni who are really friendly and helpful giving us insightful background information during the tour at Global Source. I wish I would work in the team like this one day,” said Bun Sophal, the Cambodian scholar.

Visiting Global Sources office

In the afternoon, James Gong, a HF alumnus who is working for GS Community Development Department in Shengzhen, took us to visit Global Sources office, enthusiastically introducing the location and function of every department of GS in Shengzhen, mainland China.

Through the trip, HF scholars had a deeper understanding of GS, a multi-national company which is dedicated to promoting global trade through multimedia including GS Online website (http://www.globalsources.com/), magazines and trade shows.

“As a scholar who will work for Hinrich Foundation in the near future, I can understand the business operation system of Global Sources and then new trading system through multimedia channels,” said Myat May Zin.

Anson Yang from GS Corporate Marketing Department
Anson Yang (first person from left) from GS Corporate Marketing Department, introducing his job to HF scholars. (Photo by Bun Sophal)

“We now have a clear idea of how Global Sources operates and clearer view of how some HF scholars will work soon here. Global Sources give me the feeling of a strict working environment but full of happiness, friendliness among its staff,” said Linh Tran, a Vietnamese scholar.

“The different departments and branch functions of GS give me a sense of profession. Now I can have a more comprehensive consideration on my career development,” Suri said.

“Global Sources also utilizes its competitive advantage of media publishing to publish its own trade magazine, especially the Chief Executive China which have in-depth influence in the business industry. What’s more, its online market place is a great success to remove the barriers of trade participants from different geographic locations. The usage of multiple channels significantly contributes to GS’s strong capabilities of online-to-offline integration. Those key learning is quite beneficial for my study and work,” said Phoebe, a mainland Chinese scholar.

After the GS trip, HF scholars also fully understand the core message, which is shared by Anson Yang from GS Corporate Marketing Department, that GS would like to deliver to its customers: “GS is a professional and high-end brand.”

“The informative company tour with clear guidance and introduction by James did help me learn more about working in GS and provided me with a lot of useful advice for my choice of intern position this summer, said Michael, a Mainland Chinese scholar.

“Until this day I am just happy to be a part of the HF, but after the insightful visit to the Shenzhen office of GS, I am proud to be a part of this prestigious organization. The highly professional corporate office, its humble members and the supportive HF alumni family has boosted my morale and made me feel integrated,” said Mili, the Indian scholar.

The luggage of 11 HF scholars after the trip has become heavier because of being loaded with more valuable knowledge in car maintenance-facilitated solutions and global trade promotion. These luggage will be a crucial mainstay for them on the fruitful journey of global trade advancement after graduation.

About the Author – Nguyen Doan Ha Ly

Nguyen Doan Ha Ly

Nguyen Doan Ha Ly was awarded the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship in September 2013 to pursue M.A. in International Journalism Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. She graduated from the Academy of Journalism and Communication in Vietnam with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising. She would like to become a global trade promoter upon graduation.