I am a marketing major at Hong Kong Baptist University, previously an International Trade and Economics major at Guang Dong University of Foreign Studies. In 2015, I joined Hinrich Foundation’s scholarship program, which has provided me the opportunity to study abroad, make friends with scholars from different countries and enhance my skills.

This event in Cocoon, Hong Kong was held by Hardware Massive and sponsored by Global Sources Startup Launchpad on Nov. 22. Around 40 people attended the event.

I had my internship at the Global Sources Launchpad led by Ben Wong, and in my first month alone, I was already actively involved in the department’s activities, which gave me a great understanding of what the company did. I got to manage a crowdfunding project and even took charge of the Facebook online community and advertisement management during the campaign. The data on the Facebook campaign turned out to be effective in the whole crowdfunding project, which made me feel happy I was able to make a contribution in just my first month.

A regular day at the office

The month before the trade show was always busy. All I worked on that time was promoting the trade show through email marketing, cross promotion and Facebook updates. I still managed the website, but visitor marketing took up most of my time. In the end, the trade show turned out to be a great success and had twice the number of visitors last year!

After the show, I continued managing different marketing projects and crowdfunding projects. Now it’s already the end of my internship, and in the past months, I’ve never felt more empowered and happy. I’m thankful to Hinrich Foundation and Global Sources Launchpad for providing me with such a gracious opportunity, and I will continue to work harder, so I can further contribute to the company and to global trade in the future.

About the author – Luo Yanwen

Luo Yanwen

Luo Yanwen

Hong Kong Baptist University


Class of 2015

Intern at Global Sources Startup Launchpad

Future goals: To graduate on top of my class