With over 20 years of experience in professional manufacturing and exporting rattan, bamboo and handicrafts, Phuong Linh Rattan Bamboo Co. has a wide network of foreign buyers. Since Day 1, the company has identified its strategy – online marketing.

Founded in 2004 as Green Bamboo Co., as it was renamed in 2007, Phuong Linh’s products have reached major international markets, including Japan, the United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Germany.

Such small enterprise invested in online e-commerce sites such as Alibaba and Tradekey. It closed its Alibaba account upon joining the export assistance program of Hinrich Foundation in January 2015.

Export assistance program

Phuong Linh joined the program with goals of five buyer inquiries and up to 15 orders in the whole duration of four months using the Global Sources (www.globalsources.com) for free. It is the largest business-to-business online marketing platform that has served verified suppliers from Asia for over 40 years.

In the end, Phuong Linh had a total of 10 orders, amounting to $10,000, in four months.

high quality bamboo dragonfly ornament
Beautiful and high quality bamboo dragonfly ornament from Phuong Linh Rattan Bamboo Company, which is now a leading company in supplying this kind of products in Vietnam.

The staff members of the Hinrich Foundation in Vietnam are very professional. They are very helpful for suppliers in consulting and training them on how to use GSOL.

Global Sources has millions of buyers from major markets. Thus, many exporters want to become its verified suppliers, but SMEs cannot afford the cost to become one. It’s amazing that the Hinrich Foundation sponsors some small enterprises to become verified suppliers on Global Sources.

This is greatly significant in promoting our products, as well as the name of the company to customers worldwide.

Many thanks to Hinrich Foundation for providing us with a valuable online export marketing channel: Global Sources.

The process of making a bamboo dragonfly
The process of making a bamboo dragonfly.

About the author – Quy Nguyen

About the author - Quy Nguyen

Quy Nguyen used to work as sales manager for Special Forest Products Export JSC (SFOPRODEX Hanoi), a state-owned enterprise specializing in bamboo and rattan products.