MANILA, April 6, 2016 – The Hinrich Foundation released the Sourcing from The Philippines eBook with the support of its partner in export development, Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL).

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Country guide gives import buyers insight into the country’s main exports, manufacturing centers, export documentation how-to’s and more in a free, downloadable PDF format.

Written for buyers looking to source from the Philippines, the 20-page sourcing guide can be downloaded free here. It provides:

  • Key export statistics: Top trading partners and principal exports.
  • Manufacturing centers: Major production centers, special economic zones and export processing zones.<
  • Trade services: Trade offices, services and resources.
  • Banking & finance: Major commercial banks and loan availability.
  • Paying for your purchase: Preferred payment methods.
  • Export documentation: Step-by-step export procedure.
  • Settling trade disputes: Tips to avoid and handle trade disputes.

The report also includes a gallery of Philippine-made fashion accessories and home products in Analyst’s Choice, an unbiased selection of innovative and new products from manufacturers featured on Global Sources online.

New eBooks, wide sourcing options

The Hinrich Foundation will publish country guides for Vietnam, India and Indonesia in April. It will offer Sourcing from Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia in May.

These eBooks will complement its Developing Country Sourcing sites, which offer buyers a selection of verified exporters, new products and market insight from emerging Asia.

Hinrich Foundation Program Director, Alex Boome, said: “As part of our outreach to attract more buyers to source from the Philippines, our partner, Global Sources, will offer Sourcing from The Philippines to its worldwide buyer community.

“We are confident that this eBook and our sourcing sites will encourage buyers new to Philippine sourcing to take a closer look at the variety of quality products available.”

About the Hinrich Foundation

The Hinrich Foundation believes sustainable global trade promotes economic prosperity and peace. It aims to encourage the private sector and governments to drive innovation and competitiveness in trade-related activities undertaken by individuals, companies, industries and countries by focusing on three program areas:

  • Trade scholarships & careers: We sponsor educational opportunities for individuals who show a commitment to participating in or promoting innovative and competitive global trade. We offer Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholarships to students from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the US to study in China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam and the US. We ensure our scholars experience extended internships and career development opportunities with export related partner organizations in ten countries. (
  • Export trade assistance: We offer practical trade services to promote and coach producers on how to participate in global trade. Through this program, the Hinrich Foundation connects exporters across developing Asia with buyers worldwide. (
  • International trade research: The Hinrich Foundation believes that the health of the global economy and peace between nations depend on countries having productive trade relationships, which require open, fact-based dialogues. We initiate thought leadership research, elicit opinions and disseminate information about global trade to encourage objective debate and balanced policy making. (

About the Global Sources

Global Sources is a leading business-to-business media company and a primary facilitator of trade with Greater China.

The core business facilitates trade between Asia and the world using English-language media such as online marketplaces, magazines, apps, private sourcing events and trade shows.

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